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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A New Frontier

The kids were 12-months old when we started to give them time outs. It was mainly b/c Hailey's biting was getting so annoying and Matt was really rough with her. Given the fact that these offenses were physical, we felt that we needed to do something before all Hell broke loose!

The time outs last for 60 seconds and consist of the kids sitting in our laps faced away from the "action." The non-offending sibling is curious at first, but when it is explained that their partner in crime in is time out, becomes very disinterested. After the 60 seconds is up, we explain why they were put in time out, have them apologize (which usually consists of a gentle headbutt), and give hugs and kisses (thank you SuperNanny...we employ her methods every time).

Did they get it? We're not sure. Did it take care of the situation for a little while? Yes. Do time outs work with kids under two? Apparently they do.

So, what is the New Frontier? We have stopped holding them during time outs. We figured out a location on the 1st and 2nd floors that can be their time out spot. We employ the same method (1. warning 2. explanation 3. time out for 60 4. apology 5. hugs/kisses), but we just don't hold them. They sit in the spot and wait it out. I was petrified that they wouldn't stay and I'd be chasing kids all over the Northern Hemisphere. Fears be damned! Matt has had to have a time out on the 1st and 2nd floor and while he had to be reminded several times not to move, he stayed there and waited for the entire 60 seconds. I am truly in awe of this b/c I did not have the confidence that it would work. They're only 17 months old!

Hailey has not had one of these time outs yet. She's been pretty good for the past couple of days, so we still have to see if she will sit still. I just had to get this in the blog. I was afraid that I would forget when something good happens (because I find so much of the bad stuff entertaining and blog about that as much as possible)! Hope all is calm and good in your houses...we're snowed in for a little while from our "dusting." How do weathermen keep their jobs? I would be sooooo fired if I kept fucking up the Quadratic Equation when I taught my kids!