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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Waking Up

I love a good afternoon nap...not necessarily for me, but for the babies. I watch my horribly written soap opera (we won't even mention the acting). I do my nails (this is a new activity). I eat my popcorn (with butter and grated cheese...yum). I drink my seltzer (because who has time to drink with two toddlers running around?). I totally zone out...t.o.t.a.l.l.y. I refuse to use naptime as a "time to get things done." That is sacreligious and I will not take part in it. I need some time to myself and I will take it. Okay, maybe I'm just lazy, but who cares? It's my life!

Naptime is absolutely delicious!

Sometimes the kids will wake up, but I know they're not ready yet. I can tell because they sound really confused or it just hasn't been long enough (and yes, I know this too b/c we're on one nap now and 1 hour just isn't enough!).

I'll put them back down, they'll fall back into their slumber, and all is right with the world (a.k.a. my quiet little house) again.

Then there are the days when my magic works too well. I put them down for their nap today at's 4:30 now. Ummmm...guys? Time to wake up. I hate to wake them, but they're so cute. They are all disgruntled from having been woken up. Their clothes are all askew. Their hair...let's not even get into the hair. A gentler soul may ask...why wake them up? Well, here's my answer to that...if I don't wake them up, they'll never go to sleep at bedtime!!!!

At the same time, I also love waking them up . They look all confused. Their little lips are swollen (why does this happen?). Cheeks are red with sheet/lovey/blanket/sleeve imprints. Then they realize that I'm there and they get totally happy...smiling, talking, giggling. They're just so happy! They throw their binks at me as if to say, "we don't need these anymore...let's chat!"

I don't know why I felt the need to blog about this...maybe it's because there will be a time where waking them up will be an exercise in self-defense. I remember throwing an alarm clock at my mother upon her waking me from my slumber. Waking them up will be something for which I will get screamed at and hated for. Waking them up will be one of my least favorite moments of our days. So, for now, I'll take happy and lovey!

Update: I went in to wake them and Hailey was already awake...they stay quiet if the other twin is still asleep...adorable, right? Matt was so out of it that he only wanted to be held and lay his head on my out of character for him, but I loved it and soaked in every single minute. That is, until he wrangled his way out of my grip when he realized the door to my bedroom was open...the Promise Land!!!