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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tooting Thursday

So, for this wonderful Thursday (and I say wonderful b/c it's 46 degrees and sunny the day before the most horrible terrible storm of the century), I am going to toot my own horn. This is something that I enjoy doing, but I usually make some self-deprecating remark to take it all back before I actually start feeling good about myself.

I did a lot today...a lot. Time to toot my own horn!!!

We are going to get like a gazillion inches of snow here starting tomorrow morning and ending on Saturday night. This seriously cause for me to start swallowing anti-depressants (if I were on them) with all of the wine in my fridge...hmmm...that may not be such a bad idea! So, not only am I tasked with the lovely job of trying to maintain our normal schedule (which I can really jam pack with shit to do), but now we need to go to the grocery store and BJs and all of that loveliness.

I was more than willing to skip my workouts in order to accomplish this, but husband to the rescue! He did BJs the other day (seriously...the dog would have starved to death if he didn't go) and took care of all of the other stuff on the list. He stayed home this morning so I could be one of the first people at the grocery store. It was a beautiful thing...I was able to cruise down the aisles (without little hands grabbing everything in sight). I was able to get almost everything I needed...wonderful. Groceries? Check!

When I got home, the kids were already fed and the dishes were already done...gotta love husband. I got the kiddos dressed and took them to the gym so I could get a quick Pilates class in. Working out? Check!

I got a call before the gym from a friend who wanted to go to storytime...sure, why not? I had about 15 minutes to get the kids out of the Kids Zone, into the car, give them a quick snack, drive to the library, get them out of the car, get them into the library...all without incident. It actually happened...granted, Hailey had a dirty diaper the whole time and was really stinky (omg...she was that kid), but we managed! Storytime and time for some wise-ass remarks with friends (such as, I would seriously need to be stoned to be the lady who reads stories during storytime...between the kids and the adults - phew)? Check!

Drive back home for lunch and now they're "quietly" watching Elmo's World and playing with their toys. I only had to interrupt this post once b/c Matthew fell off the couch (of course...head first)! Much soothing was needed. Major bruise developing in the middle of is forehead...luckily with the big storm coming our way, CPS shouldn't be able to make it out here too quickly...the bruise will fade before they know anything ;)

So, not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty awesome today (and did I mention that I'm also tutoring 4 kids tonight?)! Toot toot! Okay, go ahead...toot't fart, brag about something that you did today that was pretty awesome!