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Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Brought to us by the wonderful Danifred!

  • I did not rearrange/clean the counter b/c Bill was bitching that it was too crowded. I did it to make more room for my Keurig and the K-cup's all about me. It just so happens that it made him happy We still don't have enough counter space, but the Keurig is in prime real estate!
  • I really wish I washed my hair this morning. I planned to go to a spin class, so why would I wash (and dry) my hair just to get all sweaty. So, I didn't wash it. I did, however, put my makeup going out without makeup! Alas, Matthew woke up with a cold and I just couldn't put him in the Kids Zone. Oh well...greasy and wearing a baseball hat. It's a good look when we're getting a damn blizzard (well, not technically, but I'm calling it a blizzard since I won't be able to leave my house tomorrow).
  • I'm over the head banging. Matt fell off the couch head first yesterday...okay, that's an accident. I can handle that. Ten minutes later, he got frustrated by something, turned around, and slammed his head on the the same exact spot he had the bruise from falling off the couch...when will he learn????? Hailey has gotten a little better and probably wouldn't do it at all if it weren't for this mimicking thing. They l.o.v.e. to mimic each's usually pretty funny!
  • Hailey freaks out whenever Matt touches her stuff. Freaks out...screams, bites, hits, pushes, screams, interrupts whatever I am doing to blather about it (I'm not being mean about the blathering...she really can't talk), bites, hits, and screams. If he touches her baby stroller one more time, I'm afraid that he may lose an eyeball!
  • Snow...blah...done...blah.
  • This schedule of tutoring 3 nights a week is taking a toll on us. I am tutoring Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday nights. This was a joint decision and we discussed it for a while (okay, for the car ride home from Kindermusik). I don't think we realized how tough it would be and how much our "free time" would be compromised. So, we'll do it until June and then cut back...until then, having a little bump in our savings plan is pretty nice given all that we want to do this year.
  • Adoptions are closed...I contacted several adoption agencies for a Haitian orphans, but obviously, adoptions are closed. That doesn't mean we're closed to the whole idea though...we'll see how it all pans out.
  • Found ultra-sound pictures. I can't believe these little humans were inside of me once. They were so cute!
  • Private Practice - Did anyone see last night's show? I can't imagine having to make a decision between one twin or the other. Heartbreaking and makes me realize how precious all of this madness really is.
  • I needed to get out today...we couldn't go anywhere where Matt's germs would infect any other children (can I wish/pray/hope that other mothers are as conscientious?), so where do you go on the day before a huge snowstorm? Home Depot...of course! There's lot to look at. There were balloons. The lighting/ceiling fan department was a huge hit. Everyone was very nice to us. We bought a lock for the pantry and a pull for the fan in our guest room. I know...I really went nuts, right?
  • Does anyone else look at the habits that their children exhibit and blame that particular behavior on their husband? Matt is really really needy when he's sick. I feel so bad b/c he is pretty pathetic and it's really out of character for him (the crying, whining, wanting to be picked up and held all the time...not like him). However, in the midst of trying to hold him as much as possible and explaining to Hailey why I can't pick her up (yes, I'm the constant seesaw), I realize that this is all Bill's fault b/c he's totally pathetic when he's sick too. What a demented thought! He couldn't have planned it, but for a split-second, I blame him...haha...poor Bill. That's just not fair!
  • It was so nice to talk to a friend last night and realize that I'm not the only one who views a snowstorm as an immediate reason to hit up the liquor store! I'm stocked and believe it or not, Bill is actually pretty stocked too (crazy b/c the guy hardly drinks), so we're all set!
I'm sure there's more...updates will come flooding in as I become more and more bored!