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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ten More Inches? could be the title of a dirty porno, but happens to be my life as a snowed in Marylander.

We just got 29 inches of snow...on top of the 6 inches we got a week ago. Now, we're in store for another ten inches this Tuesday. WTF?

Is Mother Nature trying to test my patience? My marriage? My ability to come with endless ideas of things that my twins can do while I'm just trying to hold onto my last scrap of sanity?

Then, there's Husband. God love him...all he tries to do is get the information out there. However, when you're the only member of his audience, it starts to get a little depressing. There's no good weather news right now. He just thinks it's his job to tell me about all of the bad shit that's going to happen. Honestly? I'd rather not know! I'd rather be surprised than be dreading it for the next two days. He is an amazing shoveler though and he told me my hair looked good today...I'll keep him around. Love you, Honey!

Where are we going to put ten more inches? How the hell am I going to get out of my driveway? As it is, I can barely see above/around the snow drifts that have been plowed against the bottom of my driveway. I have seriously considered canceling my mail for this week b/c I feel so badly for our mail-lady. She's old and I can't possibly give her a clear path to the mailbox (however several people on my street have kindly taken care of this for her - just making me look bad). I just don't want her to get hurt...I may still do it...we'll see how it goes tomorrow!

In all honesty, this snowstorm probably wouldn't be this bad if both kids didn't have horrible colds (on top of teething) and were so needy that I can't even believe it! Yes...both of the same time. In fairness, Matt got the cold first and he's starting to get better first. Hailey actually slept right next to me last night (never happens and I'll never understand attachment offense if that's your bag) which made for hardly any sleep for me until I finally put her back in her room at 3:20 AM. Oh, and she finally broke skin with one of her lovely biting moments...she bit Matt right on the back...who does that? Photo proof (if you click on the second one, I believe you could actually record her dental records):

Okay, so you want good news? I have had plenty of wine in stock this weekend. Bill and I have gotten along relatively well. I have managed to get some of my most annoying tasks out of the way. I wasn't that jealous that my Mom was visiting my Sister this weekend (God knows, I wouldn't have wanted anyone else to endure this madness). We were able to Skype with them...that's pretty cool. I "heart" the Doritos commercials for the Superbowl...funny shit. I have had a lot of coffee thanks to my Dad's awesome Christmas gift. We have utilized the basement very effectively (ya a holding cell for drunks)! Oh, and I made some Deceptively Delicious banana bread...yummmmmm...needed more banana though. There were also these cute twin moments:

Okay, I feel better now that I focused on good stuff...sorry for all of the just needed to happen!