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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Mikey Likes It...Ummm...No, Matty and Hailey Like it!

I decided to try a new cereal for the kids. We've tried Frosted Mini Wheats (bite size, of course). They were a big hit. We've tried Cheerios, but they've kind of lost their luster. I got those banana flavored Cheerios too, but they're kind of weird. They like Bill's Raisin Bran, but we don't have any left. So, I tried Life. It totally reminds me of when we would spend time at my Granpa's farm in Upstate NY. They always had Life, so I figured we could give it a try. I swear...if I hadn't put the box on the counter, it would be gone by now. They (more Matt than Hailey) were incessant and couldn't get enough. Matt's mouth was bulging by the end of this little photo shoot and he was distraught that I wouldn't let him eat more! He has started doing this thing where when he's really upset about something, he falls to his couldn't be more Days of Our Lives! The Drama!!! Enjoy the photos while I wallow in my neverending Winter Wonderland...Hah! Wonderland! I'm wondering if this shit will EVER end!!!!!