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Thursday, February 11, 2010

If I Wasn't Careful, I'd Lose One of Them! guessed it...we actually left the house today. Here are some of the best pics:

The house...yes, there are steps leading up to my front door that are now invisible!

Hailey! She loved it...her mittens were sopping wet by the time we went inside. The only problem was that she kept trying to go in the street!

Get to work, Kid!

This picture really shows how high some of the drifts are. You're talking an SUV next to a kid (who may be 2 feet tall at this point) and then the huge mountain of snow...ridiculous!

He wouldn't stop "working"...I think this is going to come in handy when he's older!

Haha...Mom, you thought I did that whole path! I was just pretending! Daddy helped me a little bit!

I'm going to start cleaning off the cars now.

Brie tried to jump into the backyard, but wasn't too the look of things, neither was Matt!

I'm getting back in the front yard...ya know, where there's sun! It's too cold back here and there are no cars that could run me over! Get me back to the street!

That's it! I'm pooped! This is hard work!!!

So, what else?
  • I haven't worn make-up in two days...I'm dying.
  • The gym is closed, so that's out for today...maybe I'll do my pushups!
  • I'm pretty sure that my coffee to wine ratio is about even!
  • My Asian Pork with Bok Choy was awesome last night...I think I love the slow cooker (although I've always been scared of it).
  • The Valentine's Day decorations in the dining room are starting to drive me crazy!!!
  • Bill and I are getting along quite well considering how much time we've had to spend with each other...that's good for us!
  • I haven't worn anything that didn't have an elastic waistband in about a week - go me!
  • I have been unusually addicted to Facebook while snowed in...and it's starting to get on my nerves!
  • Both kids still have their snotty little colds, but they're getting a little better.
  • I'm just about ready for Spring...this is bananas!
  • I'm currently wearing leggings, scrunchy socks, and an oversized sweatshirt...has anyone seen my banana clip and Aqua Net? This is really getting ridiculous!!!
  • Oh, and the icing on the cake? I got to watch a doctor give a prostate exam on the Dr. Oz show joke. A guy literally had another guy stick his "digit" up his ass on national television. It's not even sweeps week!!!