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Friday, February 12, 2010

"Celebrities" Who Have No Place In The New "We Are The World"

  • Justin Bieber - Seriously? Jennifer Hudson has to sing backup for this kid? He's like 15 years old and sounds like a girl...we couldn't find anyone more reputable that this kid?
  • Vince Vaughn - Enough said...
  • Jeff Bridges - was totally singing his heart out, but not so sure he has a place at this prestigious event.
  • Kanye West - has definitely embodied the type of behavior that we want to show our children as they watch this video for years to come.
  • Miley Cyrus - Eh...I'm over her.
  • Tall Guy In Peach Polo - Where the hell did he come from? What is his job? Was he lip syncing?
  • Bentley from Gs to Gents - Seriously???
  • Katherine McPhee's Hair - What happened to it?
  • Little Wayne (Yeah!) - I don't think so...
  • Jamie Foxx - Was anyone there to computerize his voice? If not, then he should have left.
  • Grunting from Wyclef - I like Wyclef...I like what he does for Haiti...I did not understand his grunting.
LL Cool J...I still love me!

Friday Night Leftovers

Thanks to usual!
  • Did you know that dog toys make excellent teethers? Seriously! I had to pry one from Matthew's hands this morning...I was so grossed out!
  • Hailey has a new little game. She takes her cups and her utensils from the kids' kitchen, mixes up some little concoction (which consists of air with a pinch of cuteness apparently), and walks around the house "tasting" her brew. She totally WIGS OUT when anyone tries to take her cup and spoon away and I'm a little afraid for Matthew's life.
  • Since I always forget to put Brie in the basement before company arrives, can't I just keep her down there permanently??? I mean, come on...people do worse with their dogs!
  • Special thanks goes out to the asshole in a front loader who personally screwed half of our neighborhood (yeah...he's pretty tired now) this morning. He decided to dump snow in random places...ya know, like front yards, sidewalks, and already shoveled out driveways!!! WTF? Here is what our previously cleared sidewalk now looks like:
  • People were literally standing in their driveways to avoid getting screwed. Where was I? I was at Kohl's and the supermarket...or else I would have been standing out there too. The person I feel really bad for is our elderly neighbor who paid to have his driveway shoveled out yesterday. He is recovering from heart surgery and they are biopsying his wife for a nodule on her lung...they had a pile like this right in front of their driveway and had to dig their way out to get to her biopsy. Who does that??? Oh, and sorry HOA, we will not have our sidewalks clear of snow...just ain't gonna happen.
  • My Mom is coming this weekend! I'm excited!
  • We're going out to dinner for VD day, but the earliest reservation we could get is 9:30...I think we'll have dessert lying down, please! Who thinks we're actually going to make it all the way through??? Not I!
  • I need a mani/pedi!
  • They didn't pick up our garbage today b/c of the snow. Personally, I think that's gross. I don't want my garbage any longer than I have to have it! That's why I THROW IT AWAY!!! The good news? Bill has rescinded his "we have to recycle everything in the entire world" stance for the week!
  • I'm really looking forward to that Parenthood show coming in March!
  • Have you ever heard the Elmo Potty Song that is sung by Elmo's Dad? It's pretty gross and talks about "letting it all go" and "the flow." I still can't believe that Sesame Street allows its name to be on this, but I'm sure I'll be singing it before long. Matthew actually loves it!
  • I keep forgetting to take my vitamins!!!
  • Play along with our hostess! It's a good way to "get it all out."