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Thursday, February 18, 2010

You're In Time Out For Biting Me, But I Love You Anyway

Picture this...

Empty snack cup from this morning...Hailey finds it.

Matt tries to take it b/c he needs everything that Hailey has.

Mommy takes snack cup away from all b/c it's ridiculous.

Hailey's mouth opens, but Mommy does not see anything happen as she is chucking snack cup into sink.

Matt starts crying...real tears...and oh shit, he's holding out a finger.

She bit him.

Automatic time-out in our house.

I tell Hailey to go to time-out and Matt goes to time-out (apparently, he's used to being the one in time-out???).

I lead Hailey over and try to explain to Matt that he's not in time-out, but he decides to serve his time anyway.

He holds hurt finger out again. I beckon him over with the promise of a thorough exam and a kiss.

Hailey stays put (amazing, right?).

Matt receives promised kiss and gets off Mommy's lap.

He proceeds to walk over to Hailey (who is still in time-out) and gives her a huge hug.

She hugs him back.

I start crying.

They don't notice me.

Matt releases hug.

Hailey grabs him around the legs (b/c he's standing and she's still sitting in time-out) and proceeds to give him another hug.

Hailey's time in time-out is up. I have her come over, so I can explain her wrongdoing (through my tears).

I explain. Hailey listens. I ask her to apologize to Matt (which she never has). She gives him a HUGE hug. He reciprocates.

My heart is full.

So, what are they doing as I write this post? Matt is chewing on outlet covers and Hailey is watching herself dance in the reflection from the dishwasher.

My tears have gone away, but I'm glad I got to see that. It makes me, will the aliens please return my real children?