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Friday, February 19, 2010

He Did It!

You may remember this post from a couple of weeks ago. My kids got these harmonicas in Kindermusik and pretty much sucked at them...haha...I'm so nice!

Well, well, things have certainly changed around here. It's going to sound like a permanent House of Blues around here!


Friday Night Leftovers

  • Just learned how to schedule a I can add to this shit all week long...hate me now b/c I never know what I'll put on here!
  • I kind of want to punch myself in the stomach for uttering the phrase, "I just feel like we don't have enough toys." Yes...those words actually came out of my mouth...I take it back!!!
  • Is it weird or normal that when we're playing with baby dolls, Hailey goes right for the vag? Just wondering as I am not well-versed on baby doll etiquette!
  • I don't understand Twitter...not at all...not sure I ever want to!
  • I was very rude to the Valentine's Day flower delivery guy...but come onnnnn...did you have to knock so loudly? Then be all nice and jovial (and loud) when I actually answered the door? It's not really your fault. You didn't know my twins were sleeping (after a particularly rough morning), that my house carried noise like a crystal glass held up to a wall, that I had napped for all of about 7 minutes and was totally out of it, or that my spin class had literally kicked the living shit out of me this couldn't have known any of that, so I'm very sorry. You brought me beautiful flowers from someone I love and I just shut the door with half a smile and a curt "thanks." Oh, and can we mention that our area is still trying to figure out what to do with all of this snow? This poor guy is driving around in it cheerfully delivering flowers from loved ones and I do that??? What a bitch! Can you tell I fell guilty?
  • Mom's Visit = Awesome
  • Went back to my school to help judge for a fair. Left the kids with the secretary and they had more fun with her than they ever do with me. Someone asked me, "do you miss it?" The answer is no.
  • Thinking about writing a does one do that exactly? Am I considering this to avoid going back to work? LOL
  • New sippies = hours of endless fun + many screams as Hailey tries to keep hers away from Matt + Olympic size diapers.
  • Got a full night's sleep...that's newsworthy b/c it had been quite some time thanks to several teeth that were jutting through Matt's tender gums. Hello New Teeth!
  • Matt's method for saying sorry is interesting...he head butts. We've been trying to get the kids to apologize to each other when they do something wrong. This morning, Matt tried to "give" Hailey her sippy during a diaper change in the form of throwing it into her forehead as hard as he possibly could. She erupted into a chorus of screams. When he tried to apologize, he head butted her in the exact spot of the sippy landing and she freaked out even more. He's really trying...
  • When we go out, I like to have a snack with every other mother in the world. I have taken to making said snacks while the children are waiting in the car. If I don't, all Hell breaks loose and children hound me for snacks, cry hysterically, bang their heads against things, and have breakdowns until I give in just to shut them up. Please tell me I'm not the only one!
  • This week has been very frazzled for me. I'm forgetting things, not completing small tasks, and just falling behind. I guess I could blame it on the snow, but that excuse only lasts for so long!
  • Oh, and I freaking HATE when people don't clean off the top of their cars!!! It drives me nuts! Probably b/c a huge sheet of ice fell off of a semi when I was in college only to smash my windshield into a million little pieces. I'm a little sensitive about that!
Ahhhh...I feel much better! Play along with Danifred! Happy Weekend (God, that's about as gay as saying Happy Monday or Someone's Got a Case of the Mondays - love Office Space)!