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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Awards...You Like Me...You Really Like Me!!!

Oooooh...I won an award from Leigh...thanks Mama! Here's what I'm supposed to do:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and copy the award in your blog
  2. Link the person who nominated you for this award
  3. Share seven interesting things about yourself
  4. Nominate seven fellow bloggers and add the links to their blogs
Okay, I did #1 and #2. Seven interesting things? goes...

  1. I love taking pictures. I not only love it because there are so many fun things to take pictures of, but because I have a terrible memory. I forget everything!!! I don't know why I'm like this, but it only sucks sometimes. Oddly enough, if you were trying to get me to remember a certain event and you could remember what I was wearing, it would all come flooding back to me.
  2. I am a wise-ass. It's horrible. It doesn't matter what arena I'm in, I can come up with a wise-ass comment. It's really bad. People want to smack me b/c I really have a hard time being serious if something distracts me. I think boogers, farts, poop, boobies, balls, and any combination of these things is hysterical. I hung out with a lot of guys in high school and they were this way and they made me like them. I'm only proud of it some of the time...other times, I wish I could shut it off. I do entertain myself a lot though.
  3. I will not leave the house without just won't happen. I wore lipstick through my entire c-section...go me!
  4. If I wouldn't gain weight and die an early death, I'd eat out at the restaurant every single night. I love different kinds of food and love to be waiting on. Maybe I should just hire personal chefs from many different countries (you know...with all the money I have laying around).
  5. If I had a bicycle, I might actually enter races (can you believe it?). The problem? We have nowhere to store a bicycle. Bill was going to get me one for my birthday (I ruined the surprise by guessing), but I told him not to b/c I wouldn't want it to get wrecked outside. I do think I would love it, but I'm also petrified to fall. One time, when I was younger, I totally wiped out at the corner of Johnson Avenue and Terry Road...we're talking, I was underneath a car. I am totally afraid of that (and having hat head from a helmet).
  6. I love cooking. If I had a bigger kitchen, I'd cook all the time.
  7. I am very lazy...well, not on the outside, but on the inside. On the inside, I lay on my couch all day long, don't exercise, and take lots of baths. On the outside, I make breakfast, go to Target, stop at the post office, make lunch, make dinner while making lunch, give naps (yeah!), go to tutoring, go to pilates, go to the grocery store, and maybe fall asleep before eleven! I wish I were lazy on the outside!!! are the recipients of this prestigious award:
Mrs. Manatee from My Sweet Life - Love her and her kids!!!
Mr. Cooper's Mom - beautiful Mom and beautiful family!
Fishsticks and Fireflies - love the punctuation post!
Mrs. B - who is probably too cool for an award, but I'm giving it to her anyway.
Cheerio Mom - who has recently totally redone her blog and it's wonderful!
Heather - wonderful blog about her three daughters...someone I think I would actually be friends with IRL.
Denise - I believe we have been bloggy "friends" since our days of IF...she also has boy/girl twins!