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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

WTF Wednesday (a quickie)

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  • I made it to the gym and did a medium-sized grocery shopping this morning. I got into the car and looked at the clock and it was 12:28. Yeah...I had completely forgotten about lunch! WTF!!!???!!!
  • Why do kids go limp when they're upset? They're like those little things shaped like penises that are sold at Spencer's...remember those things? They have the liquid inside of them and they're really fun to play with, but have no purpose whatsoever? Yeah...that's what my kids are like. WTF???
  • Snow? Again? But my roof just stopped leaking/melting on my head! WTF???
  • There is dog shit all over the front lawn b/c I'm too grossed out to clean up wet dog shit. It's all squishy. WTF??
  • Husband is being uber-nice lately...he is laying out my coffee in the morning (complete with sweet and low) so all I have to do is press a button, helping with the dishes, making sure there is gas in the car when I leave for tutoring, getting all of the stuff ready for donation (when all I asked was for him to remove his shit from the crates so I could do it) and all sorts of other things that I cannot recall at this moment b/c I have mush-brain. I love him for it, but WTF? I'm pretty sure this is a direct result of him being home with us for almost a week during those snowstorms. He got to see what happens here on a daily basis...and it wasn't pretty!
  • Matt's sushi finger is healing like he has superpowers, but I still have a scab from a cut I got two weeks ago. Getting old much? WTF???
  • How is one expected to keep their feet soft during the winter? WTF?
  • My new bathing suits came today...I'm petrified to try them on. Maybe I'll have Husband do it since he's being so nice lately. One day, when I was feeling particularly fat (post-baby), he thought he was funny by putting on a pair of my jeans...and zippering them...when I could barely do that myself. Yeah...I think he owes me a bathing suit fashion show! Never thought I'd seriously ponder which room in my house has the most flattering lighting just to try on bathing suits! WTF???
  • I'm going to be 36 next month. WTF???
  • I'm still lactating when I could barely breastfeed in the first place. WTF???
  • Why am I still trying to see if I lactate? What is wrong with me? Why do I wonder if the milk is sour? WTF???
  • Ice dancing SUCKS!!! I get so mad when people on FB are all exciting about it. No one jumps. The spinning is lame. The outfits are horrible. The makeup is even worse (seriously...who is in charge of cosmetics? Drag queens?). Why do people get excited for it? WTF???
  • When is Friday Night Lights coming back on? WTF???
  • Dog barked during the kids' nap yesterday. WTF???
  • Have two loads of laundry to put away...just my clothes...guess I didn't carry through on my New Year's "false promise/resolution." WTF?
  • This wasn't quick...I said it would be a quickie b/c I was sure the kids were about to wake up from their nap, but they haven't. So, I just keep thinking about random shit and writing these annoying bullets. WTF?
Enjoy your day and take some time to say WTF?

I Don't Write This Post To Brag, but...

to remind me of how good my kids can be on those days when I want to put them through a wall!

Here is this morning's little ditty:

Me: Who wants to play Giddy-up Horsey?
Hailey: Leaping into my lap.
Matt: Getting there too late...starts to hit Hailey.
Me: Matt, go into time-out for hitting. We don't hit.
Matt: Walks independently to our time-out spot and sits down. (what??? that's a first!)
Me and Hailey: Giddy-up (for about 90 seconds). Matt quietly looks on from the time-out spot.
Hailey: Gets down and does her own thing.
Me: walks over to Matt and beckons him over so we can have our little chat.
Matt: Looks me right in the eye.
Me: We don't hit each other because it can hurt. Give me a kiss and say sorry.
Matt: Smooch and head butt.
Me: Now, please go tell Hailey that you're sorry for hitting her. (yeah right)
Matt: Get off my lap, walks in Hailey's direction, gets right in her face, and gives her a kiss...MWAH!
Me: (in total disbelief) you guys are so cute...I love you so're the best kids in the world. (seriously, I need to learn to hold it in a little bit)

This post brought to you by the fine folks at Sesame Street who are currently occupying/babysitting my kids. Matthew saw a rainbow on this morning's episode and examined the back of the television to see if the rainbow was coming from back there. Hailey danced her little tush off with Cookie and the Letter O. Love mornings like this!!!