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Friday, February 26, 2010

For The Love of Hailey

Hailey reminded me that while Matthew has been getting a lot of play on the blog recently (thanks a lot sushi finger), I haven't been blogging about her as much. I have to admit that he does the more outrageous things in our house and Hailey just makes me laugh...all.the.time!

She is hysterical and the video is just a small collection of snippets of her adorable and entertaining behavior.

Hailey is my rock. When Matthew is doing something completely off the wall, I can usually count on her to be doing exactly what she's supposed to be doing (unless she's mimicking him in which case I just walk away shaking my head).

  • She loves to read (if your definition of reading is taking every single book off the shelf, looking at one page, and then going back for the rest).
  • She is a great dancer...I haven't gotten any of it on film yet, but I intend to. She's awesome...she gets low, shakes her booty, puts her hands up in the air, shakes her little hips, and enjoys every minute of it.
  • I sing to her...You Are my Hailey (instead of Sunshine) and she loves it.
  • When she looks at you, she looks right into your eyes.
  • When Matt gets sent to time-out, nine times out of ten, she sits down right next to him.
  • When I ask if she's in time-out, she shakes her head no, but stays anyway.
  • She sings in the car.
  • She loves her boots...more than anything in her entire life. I'm pretty sure she'll be wearing them with her bathing suit this summer.
  • She LOVES Abby Cadabby...calls her cawcaw.
  • She always tries to tickle our feet...laughing the whole time.
  • She closes drawers, doors that are ajar, puts things away, pushes chairs in close to the table, and keeps things in order.
  • She's my little helper.
  • She totally looks like a bobble head when "saying" yes to something...I'm afraid she's going to hurt herself (see video)!
  • She loves her Daddy!
  • She has the longest fingers I have ever seen.
  • She's skinny...really skinny. She makes me jealous!
  • She loves babies.
  • She loves to be held.
  • She's currently being taught how to say, "heeeeyyyy" to her reflection in the mirror...she's a crack-up!

Silly Girls

Okay, not to mention that this isn't exactly "ladylike behavior," these girls are Olympic athletes (who are held to a higher standard by default). I'm all for a good celebration, but couldn't you have kept it a little more private that this???

I'm just glad that it wasn't an American making a mockery of the art of celebration again.

Honestly, if the press hadn't taken these pictures, you know they would have ended up on Facebook at some point anyway. I just don't get it...don't people realize that their actions have consequences? Don't they realize that pretty much anything is public knowledge these days? Think, ladies!!!

Disclaimer: I know I sound kind of old in this post...if Facebook were around when I was partying, I may never have been hired as a teacher...I had waaaaaayyyy too much fun back in the day.

Update: Can you believe this???
What a horrible (albeit honest, I guess) reaction to a horrific crash. Maybe some of the coaching should include YOU'RE BEING TAPED OR PHOTOGRAPHED AT ALL TIMES. ACT LIKE IT!!!

Friday Night Leftovers...brought to you by Danifred

Play along with Danifred at Sippy Cups are Not For Starbucks. It's a great way to get all of those excess thoughts out of your head so you can get a full night's sleep (for once)!

Today, I will be writing down all of the thoughts I wish I were having...not one of them is true...not one.

  • The pool was so crowded today. I wonder if they're going to start to cap the number of people allowed in. Glad I got my lounge chair in the sunniest part early!
  • I got a little bit of a sunburn today which is annoying because the straps on my bathing suit do not match the straps on my dress for the party this weekend.
  • I am really excited about the party this weekend. It was so nice of my husband to rent a beachfront house in Hilton Head so that we could celebrate our anniversary with family and friends. God, I love him.
  • Speaking of which, we will be traveling to Hilton Head in my anniversary present to new Acura TL! He's wanted one for ages and it just made sense.
  • I have no idea what he's getting me for our anniversary, but I'm pretty sure it involves diamonds, as usual.
  • Matt and Hailey finally mastered the butterfly and the breaststroke. Now they will be allowed to try out for the Junior Olympics team. They are so excited.
  • Hailey received her certificate of completion for her "Speaking Farsi Fluently" class. We are really proud of her. This is going to open up all sorts of doors for her future.
  • Matt completed his training in JAVA programming. The only time I can get him away from his computer is swim practice and our family walks on the beach.
  • We had a little thunderstorm today. It was right before dinnertime and was perfect. It cooled things down a little bit so that we were able to eat our dinner on the deck. Grilled filet mignon, rice pilaf, grilled veggies, and a lovely pinot grigio...all sitting on the deck, watching the sun set. What a night!
  • I think I may be losing a little too much weight. This is kind of embarrassing, but my size 4 pants definitely have some room. Guess I need to start carb loading to make up for this misstep. Although, Husband said to go ahead and get a new wardrobe if my clothes don't biggie.
  • I'm really excited because we booked our family vacation for this year. Guess where we're going! That's right!!! HAWAII!!!
  • Tomorrow is going to be a great day. We don't have any errands to run, so we're going to the pool to hang out all day. Gotta remember that sunscreen! Hailey and Matt are psyched because they can just relax and soak up the rays. I am excited because Bill is taking off work to hang out with us. Can't wait!
Remember...none of this is's just what I wish I were posting about!