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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Modern Woman

New post here...are you a Modern Woman?

One of Those Days

Today is one of those days that we don't have any set plans. Well, I do, but they involve tutoring...not anything with the kids. Since these days are becoming more and more rare, I am going to enjoy it. Here's how:

  • I allowed them to lounge in bed. Matt was up early, but he keeps quiet until Hailey wakes up. Once she woke up, they were talking for a little while before Matt was over it. He started yelling for me around 8:00...nice!
  • When they got up, they spent some time playing before breakfast rather than rushing around like idiots. They ran their lawn mowers all over the place and got some energy out!
  • Breakfast was leisurely and enjoyable...if you don't count fighting over who gets the blue fork and who gets the red fork.
  • Right now, as I type this, the house is eerily quiet. I don't trust eerily quiet, so I sneak into the living room to check things out...they're both reading books. Love it!
  • They're still in their jammies...little monkey jammies with monkeys on the feet.
  • Matthew tooted and we all laughed...farts are funny...what can I say?
  • We're going to hit the scrapbook store. I figure that now that we've hit the 18-month mark, I should start their 2nd year albums. I'm so behind and it's starting to freak me out a little bit. I've only bought an album for Hailey as I can't find one cute enough for Matt.
  • Then we'll go grocery rush...nowhere to be. We can talk about all of the fruits and vegetables. I won't be a lunatic (I say this now...we'll see).
  • We'll eat lunch together and sing songs.
  • I'll read books to them before naptime.
  • Naptime will go usually does. They're so exhausted by this time that putting them down for naps is actually enjoyable. They're happy to see their beds and their lovies. I'm happy to settle down with my popcorn and Day of Our Lives. Mommy's quiet time.
  • I'll make dinner for Husband and kids because I'm pretty awesome on days like this. ;)
  • Husband will come home and I'll leave for tutoring. Dinner will be in the oven (God, I'm good sometimes).
  • I'll go to Pilates.
  • I'll come home, have a nice glass of wine, and watch Lost with Husband.
These are the days...I won't mention the fact that I was up about six times last night and have already downloaded the sample for that Happy Baby Sleep Habits for Twins book (I have no idea if that's the actual title...I've only had one cup of coffee...give me a break). I think Hailey is playing games with me at night and is trying to slowly break me down so that when she's 16 and asks for a car, I'll say yes. I won't mention that. I won't mention the fact that I have inexplicably gotten my period (I'm not really supposed to with an IUD) and that is making me tired as well. I won't mention the fact that my back hurts (stress???). I won't mention the fact that I'm thirsty as hell, but I'm afraid to have anything to drink for fear of having to go to the bathroom while I'm in public and not being able to fit the kids in there. I won't mention that I'm seriously considering separating the kids b/c I really really want to let them cry it out at night, but they are waking each other up. I won't mention any of this...

I will enjoy this day and all of its leisure because there aren't many like this. I hope that you all get one soon...