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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

WTF Wednesday

Our theme today? Driving/Cars...if you want to play along, just tag me in your's actually quite fun to let it all out!

  • When driving your car, it is a law that you have to use your signal...please stop ignoring that law and thinking that I can read your damn mind, Officer!!! WTF?
  • It is also the law that you are supposed to clear off the top of your vehicle...please follow that law, Mr. School Bus Driver!!! WTF???
  • Rain does not equal acid that will tear your tires to shreds...step on the gas, old man!
  • That being said, every road should have those reflector thingies on the lines so that I don't drive home feeling like an old person...that's embarrassing...I can't see the lines! WTF?
  • If I see one more person texting while driving, I am going to flip out! It's not safe and Oprah did a whole thing on it...don't you watch Oprah? Okay, admittedly, I don't even watch Oprah anymore, but it's common sense, no? It needs to be a law. WTF?
  • Why are parking spots so small? Now I see why people buy minivans (not that I'm going to do so). You don't have to worry about slamming your door into another car while trying to extract your kid from their seat with them fighting you every inch of the way because you have those special sliding doors. Sorry to people I've dinged...guess you should have taken a second glance at the two car seats in my back seat and steered clear!!! Yes, maybe I feel a little entitled. WTF?
  • If you have stuffed animals in your rear window...take them out...if you have small children...take them out. It's weird. It's not cute. They are projectiles.
  • DVD players in cars...great for long trips...ridiculous for bopping around town. Turn them off and sing to your to your games with your kids. Having this constant drone of DVDs and TV is crazy! Your kids will make it from your house to the grocery store without seeing 5 minutes of Cars. (all of this is moot if you have to make a personal phone call...and I'm not talking you have to call your friend...I'm talking if you need to make a doctor's appointment or something of that caliber.) WTF?
  • We turned the kids around in their car seats. I love it...I absolutely love it. I can see them looking out the window, talking to each other, eating their snacks, throwing their snacks, and drifting lazily off to sleep the minute I pull onto our street...WTF?
  • Speaking of car seats...are the back seats in your car total war zones? It seriously looks like the snack area of our kitchen threw up in our back seat. There are half eaten cheesesticks (Hailey), goldfish (Hailey), crackers (Hailey), Yo-raisins (Hailey)...hmmm...maybe Hailey shouldn't get snacks anymore.
Disclaimer: I was not driving at the time these pictures and video were taken. I was in the parked position. Matt was not as excited about his seat being turned around as the fact that his Daddy was coming to the car. He gets very excited about his Daddy!