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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I'm so over organizational post!

Yeah...that's right...I need organization.

Don't we all???

So, I sought it out. What areas of my house were really driving me nuts?

The kitchen. It's a decent sized kitchen, but our counterspace is very limited. Very limited.

One of the most annoying parts is the area in which I store the kids' snacks. I want them to be accessible and I want to know when I'm running out (God forbid I run out of those fishies). I was having trouble with this.

There were bags and ziplocs and packages all over the place. I stuffed them all into this corner and couldn't find anything. When I finally got down to it, I had three open bags of fishies...don't think we need that many!

I had too much in too small of a space...sound familiar?

Oh, and our pantry is crap.

So, we went to a certain favorite store of mine and they carry Food Netw.ork items. I really like them and have been replacing a lot of my old beat-up kitchen utensils with the Food stuff and have been very pleased. They had a collection of containers that I picked up and I'm so glad that I did.

After the kids finished lunch, they were playing and reading and running around like nutjobs. So, I took this opportunity to reorganize...of course I did...why wouldn't I? Perfect timing, no?

I realized that I don't want my kids to recognize a package (there's already too much reliance on packaging and marketing, don't cha think?)...I'd much rather they recognized actual food (novel idea). Not that I don't love the Sunmaid raisin girl, but I think they should know what actual raisins look like rather than craving her smiling face.

I washed each container and dumped my bags of snacks into them. I stacked them very nicely and only had to intervene in one "sibling issue." Matt pushed Hailey right down, fell on top of her, and then used her face to push himself up to standing...nice, huh?

Anyway, here is what my snack area looks like now (in hindsight, I should have taken a before picture, but that is waaaayyyyy too embarrassing).

I really think that I'll keep up with it and it totally gives me the opportunity to see when we're running low. These are the little things that I can do make my days easier. You wanna know the other one that I've been doing for a couple of weeks? I took all of the cheese sticks out of their original packaging. It's so much easier than wrestling them out of the stupid bag! You may judge me at this point and say, "well duuuhhhh!" That's fine...I can take it. It's just that sometimes we don't think about the most obvious things. I am contemplating going back and getting some more to take care of the pasta that has been reproducing in my pantry. I have no idea why we feel the need to boil so many different shapes of's really not entertaining at all! If this helps anyone, please let me know. If you just think I'm an idiot for not doing this long ago, you can tell me that too...seriously...I can handle it!