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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

Play along with our friend at Sippy Cups are Not For Starbucks:

  • So, my kids have learned a new word..."hot." They blow on their fingers and look at me in horror that I could let them near something "hot." Everything is hot. The fruit is hot. The fork is hot. The window is hot. The faucet is hot. Their pants are hot. Matt's lovey is hot. The snow is hot (really?). The stove is hot (this is probably the most appropriate use of this word). I was changing Hailey's diaper the other day and her vagina was "hot." Nice, huh?
  • Hailey eats the insides of her grilled cheese...not the bread...just the melted cheese and ham (if I'm feeling fancy that day). What a weirdo!
  • Now that Nicole Scherzinger is going to be on Dancing With The Stars, I might have to turn up the workouts...she makes me so jealous!!! I mean, seriously!!!

  • I've always wanted to be dark with dark hair, but I'm so white with brown hair (silver highlights...that counts as style, right?). Oh well...some things are not in the cards. Plus, who looks that cute in flats??? Hate her!
  • This whole "sun coming up earlier" crap is not good for my whole "kids staying in bed longer" thing. It's just not working for me (although it puts me in a much better mood)!
  • The snowpile in front of my house is still ridiculous looking. While our neighbors' have melted, ours is still holding strong (damn you sun and warm temperatures...I will be here til April!). I'll do a before/after picture soon b/c I just can't believe that it's not melting and that it was the county that dumped all of that snow there. Thanks a lot, guys!
  • Matt started saying, "bye bye." I love it!
  • Never fails...if one kids sleeps through the night, the other is awake at least two times. One kid always sleeps right through...I want to kiss that kid while he/she is sleeping for being such a good sleeper, but I guess that would defeat the purpose, right?
  • I refuse to get my kids out of bed until at least 7:00 AM. I need to have some alone time and drink a cup of coffee. Yeah...sure...they might be wide awake up there, but I have needs too! Does that make me a bad Mommy? Plus, I love to hear them "talking" to each other...maybe I'm giving them bonding time.
  • I got my how to grow a vegetable garden in containers book. I can't wait. We don't have any real area for a garden and our soil isn't that great around here anyway, so I'm doing containers. I think it will be fun (notice how I'm not saying dirty) to do it with them. I can't wait to see them play in the dirt (cringe) and water the plants (oh God...water and dirt? I'm getting hives!) and to watch their lovely creations grow and grow (and hopefully not eat any disgusting bugs/fungus/manure/fertilizer/worms in the process)! I hope I can get relaxed enough to actually enjoy this with them.
  • I'm going to my sister's next weekend! I cannot freaking wait!!!
Have a great weekend and play along! It's good to get it all out!