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Saturday, March 13, 2010

So This Is What Outside Feels Like

Ah...sunshine! You feel good!

I'm a little hesitant...where is all that white stuff that we're so freaking used to?'s going away? I never thought it would happen!

Here comes a truck! Here it comes! I hear a truck! It's right down there! Do you hear it? It's over there!!!

God, these steps are in rough shape. I'll bet it will help a lot if we continue to chip the concrete off...yes, it's already looking better. What to do with the concrete chips? Ah, yes...let's throw them on the walk so they can get stuck in our shoes. Yes...we're stoneworking geniuses!

Mom, there's a huge mound of snow on our front lawn! How come no one else has snow? What? The county did that? That's crazy!!! When will it melt? April? That's nuts! Can I touch it???