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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I just found this "reactions" thing on blogger (see the bottom of this post)...don't know if I like it yet...why do I need it? Is it like the "like" button on FB? Is it just a way for people who read, but may not want to comment, to respond to my post? Will it just make people more lazy (I'm kind of all for that actually)? I'll try it out...see how it goes...we'll see.
  • Why are garbage trucks sooooo loud? Ours wakes us up every single week...necessary evil.
  • We have an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend. I'm excited. It's supposed to rain, but c'est la vie, right? We have rain boots and jackets with hoods...we are ready. I also got the kids these cute little felt Easter buckets (can't be called baskets since there is no weaving of the felt) for their treasures. I hope I can take lots of pictures and not be chasing my little ones the whole time!
  • I'm having kind of a hard time figuring out what to put in the babies' Easter baskets this year. I have a couple of stuffies, some stickers, and I think I may do a Spring "outside present" for each of them. What else? I bought these silly bendy rabbits at the dreaded Wal-Ma.rt yesterday, got home and noticed that they were made in China...okay, actually Husband started inspecting them skeptically when I noticed they were made in China and I then received an informational talk/lecture on how a lot of the cheaper things from China are made with lead. I just thought they were cute...they're going back.
  • We have been LOVING this warmer weather. We have been outside to play this week (almost every day, I think) and we're back to our family walks. This is when I really kick myself for doing 3 days of tutoring...never again!
  • I recently read on a blog that there is an 18-month sleep regression...that explains a lot. We're really trying to let them CIO at night, but it's so hard when you just want the crying to end so you can delve back into your blissful slumber! The last two nights? They've been standing up...for the entire 5 minutes I'll bet...first Hailey and then Matt last night. Just sit down, now lay down, close your eyes, and go back to sleep...don't just stand there crying! DUH! That's what I really want to say...instead, I count to 300 in my head, reluctantly throw the covers off, trudge into their room, lay them back down gently, give lovey and bink...done.
  • We're finally getting the Christmas light off of the roof this weekend! Yippee! We still have a pile of snow in front of our house...crazy!
That's all...hope you have a wonderful weekend and play along with Sippy Cups are Not for Starbucks!