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Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday

Just two things this week...yes, they both happened in the same week. Oddly enough, this happened to be the same week as my lobotomy. Here we go:

#1 - We were taking a walk with the kids and the monster/dog. It was beautiful out. Many many people were out and about and the world was a happy place. I saw a woman that I used to work with who incidentally lives in the same neighborhood as we do. We were not close at all...worked on opposite sides of the building as a matter of fact. Honestly, if we worked on the same team, we probably wouldn't have been close friends. I don't think she would "get" my, ahem, sense of humor. She was with her husband, daughter, and another little one was in the stroller. I had completely forgotten (let's face it...I may never have known in the first place) she was pregnant, so, rather than congratulating her on her new baby, I asked her how Blankety Blank Middle School was. She informed me she's not working right now - duh - that she had a baby - double duh. Then I congratulated her and manged to eek out the most uncouth question I have every asked. I said, "What kind of baby did you have?" Seriously? Nah...not me...I didn't make a complete ass of myself by asking what kind of baby some had in the same manner that I would ask what kind of handbag they picked up at the mall. Not me!!!

#2 - This may not be as bad, but I was at a playdate with a close friend and a friend of hers who I had met a couple of times. I knew in my brain that she had all girls, but she kept mentioning this boy...Tommy (changing the name b/c I'm cool like that). I remember something about him not liking a particular food, not wanting to do something (see how well I listen) around the house, and a few other things...I couldn't figure it out. Finally, I couldn't stand it...I really thought she had all girls. So, then I said it, "Who's Tommy? Is Tommy your son?" was her husband. Nah...not me...I didn't ask that dumbest question imaginable!!! Oh well...she was cool about it and we laughed it off. Next time, go with your gut!

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Matt Likes to Call The Dog...Can You Tell?

Just a little ditty to brighten up your rainy Monday morning (and yes, if it's raining out my front window, it's raining all over the world!)...his little voice is the most precious thing in the world (I may be a little biased)! By the way, our dog's name is Brie...not Bee...not Bwee. As other entertainment in this clip, Hailey's dancing ain't half bad! We had a wonderful weekend and along with chronicling my "adult" weekend, I will give you all the latest and greatest about how we're enjoying Spring! More to come...