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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Partners in Crime

New post here...these two are tiny little happy criminals!

My Adult Weekend's not the same thing as an "adult" party...get your minds out of the gutter!

Last weekend, I visited my sister in Boston and my Mom came up too. I needed to get away as it had been a year since my last visit and it was everything I hoped it would be.

Needless to say, God chose that weekend to drown the Eastern Seaboard. I like God...I'm not all into him like some people, but he's cool. I'm not one of those people that think God is always good though. I believe he's realistic and that he gets annoyed at some of the same stuff that we do. The difference is, he can really show his annoyance...and he the form of torrential rain and wind. Thanks, God!

Husband (who is a saint for taking the whole weekend with the kids...I love him more than anything) and the kids dropped me off and had a horrific trip back home...he had to give two cranky kids dinner (PB&J) and skipped the baths...I didn't blame him. However, I was free!!!

I waited patiently for my flight sans bags...I refuse to carry-on my luggage b/c I'm lazy for one and those overhead bins are just too difficult for me to manage. Plus, I had bringing my suitcase in the restroom with me...we both don't fit comfortably into a stall. I read a book on my Kindle, got something to eat, listened to several flight delays for other flights, and was more than happy to board my plane...with only a slight delay.

When I got there, we deboarded, I got my bag, waited for my sister and BIL to pick my up. When we got back to their house, there was sushi waiting (like an adult wonderland, right?), wine in the glasses, and we waited for my mother to get there. We spent the rest of the night with another glass of wine and chatting away. I slept through the night...heavenly!

We woke up fairly early the next day and decided it would be a good day to go to the mall...considering that the streets were flooding...the mall seemed safer. We spent the day browsing through Ann Tayl.or Loft (yes, I was able to try things on without entertaining anyone, asked for different sizes, and browsed aimlessly), stopping at any store we wanted, trying on jeans (ugh...settled for a pair of Lev.i's b/c I just couldn't justify spending $168 on a pair of jeans that would have to get tailored and would inevitably get ruined anyway...although I love my jeans, I just can't do it yet), and acting like ladies of leisure! We ate lunch at P.F. Chang's...I'm a Chang Virgin, so it was delectable...and no, I did not get those damn lettuce wraps! Stop asking!!!

I think we spent about 5 hours at the mall...I can't even tell you how long it's been since I did that.

When we got home, BIL was not one for waiting for us to recover from our shopping escapades. He wanted to know dinner plans and didn't want to eat too late. We couldn't blame him, however we didn't move our tired asses off the couch until he called a restaurant and made a reservation for a table in 30 minutes! The place was 15 minutes away...we started moving 5 minutes before we had to leave!

It was a seafood place...we ordered oysters...glorious oysters...2 dozen of them! I could have eaten all of them, but I was oyster heaven...seriously. I haven't had oysters on the half shell since before we even started trying to get pregnant! I really have a hard time getting them and I love them so much. I really need to try harder! They were wonderful. I also had a wedge salad with blue cheese dressing and fish tacos, but nothing was better than those oysters! Can you tell this picture was taken with my phone? I'm not usually this fuzzy...well, maybe mentally, not physically!

When we got home, my sister said she felt like she was marinating in Pinot line of the weekend!

We chatted for a little while and then went to sleep. I didn't sleep as well that night...I don't know why...habit?

The next day was crappy again...surprise, surprise! We ate breakfast at their house...roast beef hash from Tra.der Joe's, eggs, coffee...yum! That hash was awesome! Then we got dressed and went to's so much more fun to go to with people who just want to browse around! I didn't have a list...didn't have anything particular to buy...just hanging out.

Then we drove to the airport in torrential downpours. It was horrible...not sure why God was so pissed, but he was really letting it all go. I was sure my flight would be wasn't. Checked in, ate a sandwich, read my Kindle, wondered why a family was using the "special needs" restroom when there was another one 20 feet away, and waited for my flight. The flight was uneventful.

When I got back to Baltimore, I couldn't wait to see the kids and Husband! I missed them! The kids were nonplussed to see me...they were more interested in the buses that were making all sorts of noise behind me and didn't give me kisses. Husband was happy to see me, but was also very happy with how the weekend went. He accomplished going to the wholesale store with the kids and was able to survive one very wet Saturday inside for the whole day! He said that he found it more fulfilling than his regular job and really loved hanging out with them. Isn't that what every Mom wants to hear upon returning from a weekend away? I told him that if he keeps talking like that, I'll go away all the time! His eyes rolled...not gonna happen!

All in all, it was wonderful. Thanks to Amanda and Jeff for your hospitality and to Mommy for driving up there (and opening an ATL account so we could spend even more money...I mean save even more money)! It was great and I was refreshed...loved every minute of it!