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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

We're Sick

Okay, I'm not sick...the babies are sick. They have the nastiest colds...n.a.s.t.i.e.s.t...

We've been very lucky with our kids b/c they really don't get sick a lot (knock wood). I'm not a total germaphobe (I don't even believe in that fancy anti-bacterial gel), they just haven't been sick a lot. This is their third cold in 19 months...that's not a all...I get it, but I'm going to complain a little bit anyway.

Complaint #1: Where does all of this snot come from? It's never ending. It never stops! It's all over the place! Matt will come up to me with his little lips doing this weird thing to signal, "please wipe this disgustingness off my face before I puke." Hailey, on the other hand, wipes her nose vigorously with her hand smearing it all over her face and hand. She then proceeds to play with it ...pulling it like it's Silly Putty. God forbid I turn my back on that girl!

Complaint #2: Since there is so much snot, apparently that ceases all functioning of the swallowing action. There is drool all over the It's on my shirt, jeans, sneakers, rug, couch,'s disgusting. Drool and snot...lovely!

Complaint #3: They are needy...really needy! Matthew spent the better part of yesterday crying and begging to be picked up. When I finally did pick him up, he cried more b/c I wasn't doing it right (that's just a guess on my part...I felt like I couldn't do anything right yesterday). God, when I put him down, all hell broke loose! Poor Hailey barely got any attention. She made up for it today though as she had to be constantly monitored for ongoing Snot Facials. At least she was in good spirits though.

Complaint #4: We can't do anything! Okay, that's an exaggeration. We can't do our normal stuff...we can't do playdates, go to the gym, or storytime. I didn't realize how much I relied on these things. I also didn't realize that when the kids get sick, it's my gym routine that gets sacked...not Husband's. Can it be? Can I really be jealous of him being able to work out? Yikes...maybe I'm getting sick!

Don't get me wrong...I love my kids more than anything, but this is really gross. I still don't understand people who say things like, "well, it's different when they're your kids." REALLY??? Doesn't feel much different...still seems just as gross. Those are probably the people who wanted to experience childbirth...yuck! I'm just not into that...slice me open any day! Wait...I've digressed.

I am so hoping that these colds go away soon. I never realized how many people try to convince you or secretly hope that it wasn't their kid who got your kids sick. Who cares? As long as they're not throwing up, I don't care who got them get sick. When it's puke, I'll look for a scapegoat and damn them to hell! throat hurts...lovely!

What Have You Done Lately?

Mail is the bane of my existence...okay, that may be a little dramatic, but really! Come on!!! I'm sick of it! Junk mail, bills, circulars for stores that I don't use, and more bills! I'm over it!

We have an issue around here...we're short on time and space. It's a pretty common issue, but we are trying our best to get around it and to work within our parameters. We need a place to collect our mail. I don't mind sorting it, but Husband pays the bills and is incredibly meticulous about filing things and keeping worthless papers that we'll never need. Oops...came out sounding more ridiculous than I meant!

Anyway, we have been trying to figure out what to do and, believe it or not, our best solution for the past few months has been a cardboard box on a counter in our kitchen. Does that make us white trash? I don't think so...but it's close! We have been coveting something from a particular store for a while. It's too expensive and the shipping charges are outrageous. That's why we never ordered it. However, you get to a point in your life where the inconvenience outweighs the cost issues...we were totally there. So, I swallowed my pride, I placed an order, paid the outrageous shipping, and hopefully anticipated the delivery of our mail organization system.

Here it is (God, I wish the walls were painted, but they're not...oh well):
I love was totally worth it...we have more counter space and now we're less likely to lose things. Thank God! By the way, we're still keeping up with this too! I am finally starting to feel like things have their place. It's about time...we've only lived here for 5 years!!!!
What have you done lately to make your life easier?