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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Nothing gets me all squealy like a baby dancing ( babies dancing). They're so cute and they're actually pretty good at it...I mean, they put me to shame, but anyone could do that.

Hailey has danced since she was an infant. Every time she hears music, she breaks into a little dance to show how much rhythm she has. She shakes her little shoulders, bends her little knees, and has been known to "get low" with it. It's awesome and I an idiot. She also loves to prove my wrong, apparently. At one point in this video, I tried to get her feet on tape b/c they are moving in perfect rhythm with the music, but she refuses to move them...insolent little child ;)

Matthew has been more reluctant to dancing. He has his little moves which make him look like a toy that's running out of batteries...a little here...stop...a little more...look confused...stop. He has no rhythm whatsoever. He must get that from Husband...just kidding! It's totally my fault. Matt tries though...he just doesn't hold a candle to Hailey in this arena.

If you know me, I'm not all that squealy, but I let a pretty good one out at the beginning of this video, so you may want to turn your sound down just a tad...hmmm...a little more...there you got it.

Enjoy the dancing...I know we will!