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Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers

  • Dear Husband, next time you want to tell me that the milk I gave the kids for breakfast and lunch is spoiled, please make sure you're done Skyping with your mother! God, what she probably thinks of me at this point!
  • WTF is wrong with me that I didn't notice the milk had gone bad...big old FAIL as a mother for that one.
  • Sickness...get outta my house before I kick your ass. I keep opening the windows, but you just won't leave!
  • Note to self: close the windows...the kids are's still a little chilly wonder they're're an idiot!
  • The kids have been playing with each other a lot more. The other night, they were playing tug-o-war with a blanket and Hailey was laughing like was so cute! They also run after each other and laugh their little heads off. I love having two toddlers at one time ('s like someone else just entered my body and uttered that phrase...weird)! They are so entertaining to me and each other!
  • Dear Self, just because you are the Mom of two toddlers and you sweat more than the average person (puhleeze...I sweat more than a woman in a perpetual hot flash), does not mean that you don't need to dress for the weather. Put on a damn sweater or a jacket b/c you can't afford to get sick. You don't get sick days. Take care of yourself, you idiot!
  • Dear Hairdresser, thanks for tending to my locks this week...I really needed it. I apologize for consistently showing up with roots that you're probably dying to color (but I won't let you b/c it is too expensive). I like talking to you and wonder if we could be that weird? Desperate?
  • The best toys are homemade and antique...Hailey loves playing with the empty Cheez-it box and Matt is busying himself with a balloon that is left over from their August.
  • Matt is developing the new skill of wanting to "shoot" anything and everything where it shouldn't be. For example, how many of you found a stuffed football in your sink of dirty dishes? Or a balloon in the dog's bowls that are kept way up high? He's a pretty good shot though...I'll give him that! He loves to shout "GOAL!!" after he makes it too.
  • We have another Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow (shoot, note to self, make sure to blog about last weekend's awesome Easter Egg Hunt)...we have never celebrated Easter in such a fashion. I guess it all changes for the children*. Anyway, of course tomorrow's Hunt is probably going to require Winter jackets as the temperature is going down to 29 tonight...yuck! Oh will still be fun (can you tell I'm trying to talk myself into this one?)!
  • Got my new makeup of the few indulgences that I still allow myself...thanks E.L. You always make me feel pretty (even if I have unexplained blemishes, bags under my eyes, and am too tired to hold my hand steady for eye shadow) make me feel pretty!
  • It's my birthday weekend...I have no idea what Husband has planned, but I can't wait! I love my birthday (which isn't really until Tuesday, but of course we need a whole weekend to celebrate!!!)!!!
Play along with Sippy Cups are Not For Starbucks if you have a bunch of random stuff flying around your head too...perpetual issue for me!

* Totally overused and sappy phrase that I enjoy using to make a sound ridiculous if you do everything for the children.