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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Could Our Future Be On TMZ?

You know how TMZ always has the most horrible mugshots of celebrities. Well, I can top those.

I have what my children's mug shots would look like if they got arrested today.

What would they get arrested for? Well, I could be cute and say, "for stealing my heart," but I'm just not that kind of girl. I will tell you that they are becoming more brazen by the day...

Here are their most recent offenses:
  • disregarding instructions given by an officer (me or Husband)
  • speeding away when I mention a diaper change
  • resisting nose wipes (we like to call this a snot-and-run)
  • violating probation (i.e. naptime...lasted for a short while yesterday...Officer Mommy was not happy at all)
  • assaulting an officer (me or Husband)...yes, they've learned how to kick through their tantrums...awesome
  • violation of duty - when asked to put bowls in sink, did not do so...I am now missing the pink plastic bowl from a snack at some point during this week
  • cease-fire movement violated - Matt continues to throw everything
  • general misconduct - including flipping of plates when done with meals, throwing sippy cups, and launching goldfish across the car while in transit.
So, they're in trouble...if this behavior doesn't change, they're going to end up on TMZ...I just know it.

Inmate #MD-2010QTPIE

Inmate #MD-2010TRUBBL