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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Crayons and Cottage Cheese

So, lunch around our house has gotten...ummm...interesting.

One day, they're completely and totally anti-lunch. They want nothing to do with it (or those cute little divided plates that I got for them).

The next day, they're all about it and want to get in their high chairs before I even have anything started (not to say that I forgot about lunch, but I might have lost track of time just a little bit because I was admiring my new pedicure! Thanks to my great friend who watched the kids while I got my pedi...great birthday gift!!!!!!).

So, what to do with them on the days that they can't wait? Enter CRAYONS!!!

Crayons are new for us. I was totally afraid of them b/c I remember eating a green crayon and, let's just say, things weren't too pretty when it was on its way out. Gotta love the things I actually remember about my childhood (compared to what I've blocked out). Anyway, they're doing pretty well with them. Matt scribbles like a madman. Hailey spends her time taking the crayons out of the box and putting them back in. She barely puts color on paper, but is at peace with that.

In the same sitting as the crayon intro, we also had cottage cheese cups (because even though I made an awesome grilled cheese, the kids were on a hunger strike). Plus, it's cool to use big-people silverware.

These pictures are utterly and completely pointless...this was no day at the park feeding the ducks and sliding down the slides (because I'm totally too afraid to do that stuff with twins). It was a regular day at our house where Mom was experimenting with her new camera...go Mom...I think you may be getting the hang of it.

Captions by Matt and Hailey:

Okay, run this by me again...the crayon goes on the paper...not in my it!

See? See how Mom got both me and the crayons in the picture, but I'm all blurry...isn't that great? She calls is perspective...I call it missing your target! I'm cuter than that box of crayons, right? It is cool though that she's not letting the product name slip though...way to go, one will recognize that one!

I can do this...I can do this...I can do this.

See? I did it! The cottage cheese didn't even slip off the spoon!!! Yippee!!

Hmmm...I need to take pointers from Hailey. Every time I flip the spoon over (because that's how I roll), the food slips off! Darn!

Okay...I got a little bit...that's gotta count for something, right?

This is even good without the spoon!

Can I just skip the spoon and just eat right out of this cute little cup? Please!!!???!!!

Gotta check the Nutritional Information (learned this from Daddy). I wonder if this is healthy enough for my new's going to make me a stud with the ladies! I guess I didn't need to say "with the ladies, huh?" You already know the ladies love me, right? I knew it!

The Change...but we're so young!

Where are my babies? What have you done with them?

I used to have two cute little happy babies that would happily lull themselves to sleep...unassisted.

They played. They sang. They talked to each other. They walked around their cribs like it was the Modern Museum of Art.

Where have they gone? How has this Change come about?

Hailey is now taking up to an hour to put herself to sleep. She is standing in the corner of her crib - closest to the door (just so we don't miss a note) - and wailing away.

Is anything wrong? Nope...dry diaper, no boogies, has her bink, has her lovey, everything is perfect.

Except she won't lay* down and go to sleep. She just cries.

Trying the Ferber method, but it's not my friend this time. Every time she sees me, she reaches out with desperation I haven't seen since the Others were running away from the Black Smoke (Lost reference in case you don't watch the show). She clutches at the air just trying to get picked she is scared, but what could she be scared of?

I get that she wants to spend more time with me. I'm fun...I read to her, laugh with her, tickle her, but Mama needs a break too!

I believe that Matt actually fell asleep standing up last night. He had been sleeping, but Hailey's cries woke him up (spontaneously causing his lovey and bink to levitate out of the crib). I went up there to soothe him, but he wouldn't lay* down. Twenty minutes later, I hear a noise. It's immediately followed by crying. Yes, Baby Boy had actually fallen asleep standing up and when his sleepy little legs wouldn't hold him up any longer, he fell down...well, duh. What did you think would happen?

Oh, and yes, this series of events woke Hailey from her hard earned slumber. Awesome...

How long has this been happening?

Not that long...

I'm so dramatic.

It's only been yesterday's nap and last night's bedtime...I'm such a loser.

I know that many parents have it much worse than this (rocking your child to bed? rubbing your child's back until he/she falls to sleep? picking your child up every time he/she cries? sleeping in the same bed with your child?)...there are certain things I just wouldn't do.

This Change is just not my cup of tea...sleep little babies...Mama needs some quiet time!

Cross your fingers that this will go back to normal...I may just lose my mind!

* - I am still struggling with when to use "lay" and when to use "lie." I hate grammatical errors when reading other people's blogs...can anyone think of a good method to use when trying to remember which word to use? Did I use it correctly in this post? I need a goddamn 8th grade English lesson to write my freaking blog...great!

It would make for some interesting blog posts though...hmmm...