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Friday, April 2, 2010

Friday Night Leftovers's Friday! Here are the latest happenings:

  • Husband is off today...he's "sick."
  • I get to go to spin today (unusual b/c I'm too scared to let the kids stay in the Kids' Zone for more than an hour).
  • A new grill was delivered...not a day too soon. Husband will spend this afternoon (and a good deal of testosterone) putting it together so that we can have a wonderful grilled dinner...wonder what he'll make as he celebrates Lent (no meat on Fridays...who came up with that one?).
  • This week has been really busy...I didn't think it was going to be, but it was!
  • We're leaving for Philly this weekend. Spending the weekend at the in-law's house. They are watching the kids for us tomorrow night so we can enjoy an adult dinner with Husband's cousin and wife. I'm really looking forward to it!
  • Husband's Grandmom had a stroke last week, so we're going to take the kids to see her...crazy, right? Let's take two little crazies to see someone recovering from a stroke, but I'm sure it will make her happy to see them (even if we have to lock them in a room after 2 minutes of them trying to climb all over her).
  • We're visiting the Please Touch Museum in Philly on Monday...can't wait. Has anyone ever been there? Should I even bother bringing the stroller? I'm just nervous that they'll get tired and we will have to hold them (not that I'm against holding my's just that they get heavy and I'm lazy)!
  • The weather is beautiful! Husband is like my own personal meteorologist..."9/10 of the next days will be sunny" "there is only a 30% chance of precip for the next week and a half" "the mean temperature of the next 10 days is 67" He cracks me up!
  • Wow! It's 8:00...I should get the kids out of bed.
  • I sent out Easter cards this year...I have never done this (Easter isn't really a big deal to me). I sent pictures with the cards. I sent the cards out in batches which means that some people got them on time and some people didn't. Do you think that I'm becoming that person who sends pictures and people are like, "why the hell is she sending us pictures?" That would suck!
  • Happy Easter...I am so excited to have the kids go through their baskets on Easter morning. Husband was like, "are we going to bring their baskets with us?" I was like, "hell yeah! That's the best part of Easter for a kid!!!" I love it!
Have a great weekend and play along with Sippy Cups are not for Starbucks if you're so inclined!