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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Please Matthew

Okay, this was the most awesome museum. Thanks to Nick and Mary for the idea (and the free tickets)! Oh, and for meeting us there (even though we were totally late b/c we had to drive through Hell to get there...also b/c Husband is such a joy to drive with when he doesn't know where he's going). Anyway!!! The kids were troopers. This was probably the most that they've walked in any given day...they were exhausted when we got home, but it was totally worth it!

I'm going to have to do this post in parts b/c I got picture-crazed and took waaaaaayyyyyy too many!

Matthew will have his say first: apple...looks great! What do you mean, "I can't eat this?" Why would they put it here looking so yummy if I couldn't eat it? That seems a little evil.'s the coolest thing...these puzzle piece just stick on the wall. I don't even have to do's like they're attracted to each other! Amazing...this place is magical.

What? Are you watching me? I'm watching feathers float in the's cool.

This tunnel is awesome. Typically I'm a little nervous in tunnels, but this one is pretty cool...I don't think I'll be visiting any other exhibits today...I'll just stay here.

What? Why would they put all this water here if they didn't want me to drink it? I'm so parched! (Mommy note: This completely grossed me out, but I have to tell myself that there is a purification filter on this display. I have to keep telling myself this...right? Wouldn't you?)

That huge Water Ferris Wheel is so cool...I love it. Can we get one in the gift shop?

Yes, I have a license to operate a boat...who doesn't?

This is one of my favorite pictures of me and Mommy...I'm pretty sure she had as much fun as I did at the Please Touch Museum.

Mommy wanted me to kiss the cow...I don't know why, but I obliged. I wish the cow would have kissed me back, but the only part that seemed real about her were the udders! I don't know what those are for and I don't want to!

I am totally going to drive this dump truck...I love trucks!

Daddy, Hailey will put the potatoes in her bucket and I will take them out with my rake. Isn't that how farmers do it? What? It's not??? Well, then what am I doing?

Why do I have to be the sick kid? (Mommy Note: They had this awesome medical center where the kids could use stethoscopes and take care of little employee was there helping the kids along with everything. There was even a gigantic x-ray display...awesome. I wish we could have spent more time in this room, but the kids were starting to lose it).

Okay...I forgot my list, so what do I need? Think, think, think...(Mommy Note: Can you tell this happens to me a lot?).

Eggplant...yes, I'll make eggplant parm for dinner...yummy! I know how to cook? What does "parm" mean? Ugh...I'm so confused!

Uncle Nick was helping me bake some bread. They don't typically let kids behind the bread station, but I have special least that's what he told me.

Makes My Monday

This place was awesome! I wish it were closer to my house...I'd definitely have a membership for all of our rainy day fun! More pictures to come...I just need to pry my eyes open...exhausted!

The Three Musketeers...they had a great time!

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