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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Please Hailey

Okay, it's my turn! We went to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia on Monday. It was awesome...nothing was off limits and we had a great time! Here are some pictures of my experience since you already know how much fun Matt had:

This is the cleanest public bus I have ever seen! Okay, this is the only public bus I have ever seen...yes, I'm a prissy suburban girl...what can I say?

I can drive the bus? That's so coool (Mommy Note: This is another word that both kids learned this weekend)!

It was so much fun to give out fruit...clearly I was only interested in the bananas...Uncle Nick kept taking them though, so that was fun. You can barely see my little head over this counter and it's supposed to be kid-sized! Wonder how big I'll be next time I come here!

I'll bet I can get the feathers to fly into the air too...girl power!

This was was like being inside a real rocket ship! I couldn't get enough and I wasn't scared at all (Mommy Note: In January, they had a gymnastics display at our library and Hailey was petrified of the tunnel...this was a real improvement. She even went through before the boys.)!

I like this picture because it looks like I was the only one at the museum that day...wouldn't that be awesome? This room was cool...there were all of these foam shapes and you put them on a hook, turned a wheel, and they would slowly get all the way up to the top of the room! Once they got to the top, they would drop right down on our heads! It was so much fun...I can only hope that I will be able to reach the wheels next time!

Sharing with my cousin...I didn't mind...he's cool!

Daddy let me play with the boats...this was so much fun because Matt couldn't steal my boat like he does in the bathtub. There was so much water and so many boats...everyone could play at once! I didn't really like these weird shirts though...they were way too big for me!

I held someone's hand the whole time...I can follow directions (plus I didn't want to get lost).

Beep...beep...beep! This is so cool...just like all of the trucks we saw on the way here!

Okay, time to collect the potatoes. I got my bucket...let's start gardening!!!

Look at the little baby! Do you think my smile will make her fever go away? She's so cute!

Did Matt just take the last eggplant? dinner plans are ruined!

Seriously, I think that Daddy wanted his own cart. He was so nervous about my steering, but I was fine...everyone was running into each other anyway. My cart was really full. It was so much fun to get the food that I wanted. I can't wait to do this for real!

See what I mean? He's still steering! I can do it, Daddy! I did like having him right there though because he could reach things that were high up on the cheese!