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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I think I have a new obsession...

Why did no one tell me about this site?

I am going to have my nose buried in this computer all day...yeah right...hahahahaaa...I'm laughing my ass off b/c I have to go WAKE UP THE BABIES (yes, you read that right) from their nap or else they'll NEVER go to sleep tonight! Can you believe this? I finally get them to sleep (okay, okay, it wasn't that hard), get some peace and quiet (to stalk new photography sites), and now I have to wake them up...a woman's work is never done!

Here are my creations for the afternoon:

If there are any more, you MUST tell me now!!!


I have been given an award. Who gave it to me? This awesome chick I met through the blogosphere.

Her name is Melissa and her hair is always perfect (at least that's what I think).

Her son is adorable and she loves taking pictures of'll see why if you check out her blog (and her new design...awesome)!

So, apparently, I'm gorgeous...or my blog is...whatever, I'll take my compliments where I can invent them!

Oh no! There are rules! I'm no good at rules, but I'll do my best.

The rules............
1. accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
2.List 10 things about yourself
3.List 5 additional things you DON'T like!
4.Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

Rule #1 - Thanks Melissa...I always love to hear about your adventures with're so much more socially active than I was with a baby! I live vicariously through you (and everyone else in the world)!

Rule #2 - 10 things about myself (aren't you a little sick of hearing about me?)
  1. I love being a Mom to twins...and I think I'm pretty good at it most of the time.
  2. I love "real" mail. Mail that doesn't involve bills, offers, fliers, or loud shouting brought to you by colorful ink. I love letters, cards, pictures, invitations...if you're not sending me those things, keep it to yourself.
  3. If I could never go back to teaching, I might still be a happy woman. Don't get me wrong...I love teaching the kids, but it's everything else that I can't stand...the administration, the rules, the pointless laws, the "teaching to the test" mentality, the parents (some of them are okay, but the majority see our relationship as a war zone). I miss the kids terribly, but I do think I'd be happy writing a few books and concentrating more on photography...I love catching life's little moments.
  4. I could exist on sushi and wine.
  5. For years, I ate nothing but fast food, rice-a-roni, and salad...what was I thinking?
  6. Friday night is Nails Night in my house...nothing fancy...two simple coats of light pink, but it makes me feel pretty!
  7. Meeting my husband probably saved my life...I had a lot of fun in my twenties, but I was a little dangerous. He saved me in a lot of ways...I'm very lucky.
  8. I worry about Matt getting married...I know that when daughters get married, they are still (usually) pretty close to their mothers. I believe it's different with sons and it makes me sad.
  9. I wish I lived closer to the beach...I grew up on Long Island and never truly appreciated what I had. I lived on the Jersey Shore (no, not with Snooky and J-Woww) for 3 years and DID appreciate what I had. I miss it terribly.
  10. I tend to have a positive outlook on most situations. There are people in this world who automatically turn to the negative side of everything. I pride myself on not being one of those people. I'm not all sunshine, glitter (for my sister), and rainbows coming out of my ass all the time, but positive thinking has gotten me through a lot of sticky situations in my life!
Rule #3 - 5 things that I DON'T like
  1. I don't like the feeling of helplessness that inevitably comes with being a parent.
  2. I don't like when my bras don't fit correctly (I just bought new ones last summer...these are already too big...what gives?).
  3. I don't like losing touch with good friends.
  4. I don't like getting smacked in the face with a toy left a mark!
  5. I don't like when children suffer at the hands of adults. I feel that adults who abuse or neglect children should suffer greater consequences than someone who steals a car. That's not always the case though, is it?
Rule #4 - Pick 10 people to give this award to...this is always the hard part for me!

  1. My sister, Amanda...she's slacked off a little bit in the blog department, so hopefully this will give her a little motivation to clear up her writer's block.
  2. The lovely Mrs. Thompson...always keeping me entertained.
  3. Brandi, who loves taking pictures more than I do...amazing, right?
  4. MannLand5, who has some great ideas and can edit a photo like a pro...I aspire...sigh...
  5. Laura who is singlehandedly (is that even a word?) raising a wonderful son while going to school and doing all sorts of fun things along the way...seriously, I kind of wish I could do this much! It's a new blog, so go over and give her some love!
  6. Mommy (yeah, I can't figure out her first name) who is raising 4 kids and does a wonderful job of explaining the tribulations of running around with 4 kids, dealing with people's views on adoption, and being a woman (all at the same time)!
  7. Helene, Mama of TWO sets of twins and tells it like it is!
I'm breaking this rule...I have to get the donations out for Purple Heart now and the kids are waking up. I can't go through my blogroll any longer...I am totally neglecting today's duties (before the day has even begun)! Hope you all have a great day!!!