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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Why Is Calling a Babysitter Making Me More Nervous Than A Virgin on Prom Night?

What is wrong with me?

If you can answer that, you win a prize (just kidding...I have nothing to give away except for piles of dog hair, my mortgage, and a whole lot of dryer lint...I will gladly give all that shit away).

I am so freaking nervous to call a babysitter.

I have a number.

It's a good reference.

Yet, I still can't pick up the damn phone, dial the number, and ask for her.


Am I afraid that hiring a babysitter makes it official?

If I hire a babysitter, am I officially old?

We need one though. Husband's new job starts the beginning of May and my tutoring schedule is not slowing down. I'd like to get someone in here to get to know the kids a little bit too.

So, make the call, Stupid.

When? What time should I call? Should I call and ask for her? Should I ask for her mother? Should I call at a time when I think they won't be home, leave a message, and hope that I don't sound like a complete dork? Or will they see through that? If I call when it's convenient for me, I'm sure they won't be home, but I also don't want to call around dinner time when the background of my house sounds like a frat party! She'll never work for us then!

Here's the problem with me being this nervous. Through my life, I have held various many different fields. When I sold cars (a brief 6 week relationship with the auto business), I actually sold a car over the phone. When I worked in marketing (3 years of very good experience), I made deals over the phone, worked discounts, negotiated shipping costs, requested donated materials, met deadlines, and soothed freaky salespeople...all over the phone. As a teacher, I have made difficult calls to parents, accepted rantings of parents who just couldn't understand why their child was failing my class, and gladly listened to parents tell me what a difference I made in their child's life. I never shied away from the phone in my life.

Now, I can't pick up the damn phone to get a babysitter.

What is wrong with me?

I'll do it today...I promise.

See? Now that it's in writing, I have to do it! Husband, I will get her and I will work all of this fear...I'll do it for you...I will call a babysitter (cue triumphant music please)!!!!

Check back tomorrow to see if I've lived up to all that I'm supposed to be...