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Friday, April 16, 2010


Just a few things to wrap up the week:

  • I am so glad that it's Friday.
  • Husband dropped the hammer at work today...turned in his resignation. I am so proud of him for moving himself forward in his career and building his reputation in the industry. Way to go, Husband!
  • We're getting a new shed, meeting with the deck guy, and having measurements for our fence...tomorrow...yes, all tomorrow. Clearly, I'm not going to spin tomorrow.
  • I did not call the babysitter (see yesterday's post). I had a tutoring parent cancel on me AT THE LAST MINUTE (more about that and common courtesy or lack thereof coming up next) and figured I would use that time to call the babysitter. Instead of doing that, I caught up with a good friend and talked for 45 minutes was wonderful...and I remember the entire conversation!
  • I am over people totally neglecting their common courtesy!!! I'm just over it. Here are three examples: canceling on me at the last minute and not even offering to compensate me (yes, she received a snippy email about giving notice), parking too close to my car at the supermarket (God, can you believe I actually left a note on this person's windshield???), and creating your own space at the gym (seriously? I kind of understood it when there were piles of snow all over the place, but this lady just couldn't be bothered to look, just pulled up to the curb, and left her car regard for the woman who is walking the distance with twins...ugh)!
  • This morning, Husband got up to run (he's training for a 10-miler in June...ugh). He was running a little behind and the kids were awake, but still in their cribs. I was going to get them as soon as he left, but he decided that he wanted to say good-bye. He rarely ever does that, but still, I had my doubts. We brought them downstairs, had some cuteness (see picture of my three favorite people below), and then Husband had to leave for work. Matt was so pissed...we won't be doing that me..the tantrum just isn't worth the good-bye.
  • Jill? Jill who left me the comment about shutting up and letting my kids talk? Jill? I want to read your blog, but your profile doesn't have your web address on it...I really want to read...can you comment again with your blog address? Come to think of it, there are several comments that I want to respond to, but I can't find your emails...I get it if you don't want your email all over the web, but I really want to respond to some of you. Check your profiles...there is a way to make this possible!
  • Dropped the kids off at the Kids' Zone at the gym this morning. When I walked in, there was this woman with her bleeding kid (probably 10-12 month old son) hanging out at the front desk. The staff was explaining what happened b/c apparently the kid got hurt while he was in the Kids' Zone. I felt bad...there were bloody paper towels there...the mother was calling her doctor...other people were advising what symptoms to look for in a head injury. I, on the other hand, signed my kids in, briskly pushed them through the door, and happily waved good-bye. Guess I don't scare easily...either that, or I wouldn't mind if my kids get hurt as long as it's someone else that does it and not me for a change! Haha...the kid seriously looked okay...probably looked worse that it was!

These little feet!!! I just love them so much!!! I also love how much easier it is to get out of the house in warmer weather!!!

Seriously? I may never cut his hair again...I just love it!

She wants to be soooooo close to Mommy lately!

My 3 favorite people...with sunglasses on their heads...because, ya know, that's what sunglasses are for!