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Monday, April 19, 2010

I Did It!!!

I am such a wimp!

What took me so long?

It wasn't that all.

If you're keeping up, this made me very nervous...very very nervous.

However, I figured out that NOT doing it was worse than doing it...bordering on illegal.

Plus, if Husband can resign, I can do this.

She seemed really nice on the phone.

Her schedule meshes with what we need...perfectly.

She's coming over on Sunday to spend some time with the kids...can't just jump into the pool without testing the water, ya know?

I'll let you know more after Sunday.

Thanks for all your made me realize that I was making a big thing out of nothing.

I'm a big girl now...kind of like the virgin after prom night ( mean her wedding night, right? Yeah, that's it! I'm a good girl...wink, wink). I'm all glowy and relieved and just glad it's over with!