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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Job, Sleep, and Other Nonsense

Some of you have asked about Husband's job. It's nothing big...just time for a change (with a raise and more responsibility for a better company...I'm just sayin'). His company was taken over by a large company a little while ago and lost a lot of the attributes that he originally enjoyed. Oh is exciting though b/c change is exciting, right? Right??? Not scary, right? Haha...nope, exciting.

Matt has slept through the night 3 of the last 7 nights. Is it weird that I actually wake up groggier from a full night's sleep than when I'm up 3 times a night? Yeah...I is.

Anyway, both kids are breaking their incisors right now. Seriously? Those suckers are sharp! I feel bad for them!!!

Ever since I shut up and let the kids do the majority of the talking, it's gotten a lot wordier around here (thanks, Jill!!!). Especially Hailey...maybe she didn't want to steal my thunder. It's so cute to listen to them have their conversations. They "talk" in the morning...I believe it's about binky use (or overuse), stuffed animal placement, and the difficulties of locating lovey in the pitch black. Those are just my ideas though...I'm sure it's about more important food.

The only problem? No one talks to me anymore!

Throwing food is becoming a time-out offense. I hate pulling them (and by "them" I mean Matt) out of their chairs to make them sit in time-out, but I'm over the throwing...especially when he's such a damn good shot that it typically hits me right in the forehead (making it very hard not to laugh).

I had my second "parking lot panic moment" today. My first was when Hailey walked behind the door and I couldn't see her...not such a big deal. My second, today, was when I took Matt out of the car, bent down to take Hailey's hand and realized he was about to break into a full run toward something of interest. I used my best "stop in your freaking tracks before I piss myself" voice and he stopped dead in his tracks (and I stayed dry). We haven't had this issue previously, so I'm going to have to be extra sharp from now on...little dart...that would be his Indian name (ugh...I mean Native American).

I've found a short-term fix for the Crazies' desire to be outside all.the.time. When I come in from a store and need to bring things inside, I gate them on the deck and let them play with the sand table and the broom (that one is Matt...obsessed with sweeping the deck). It works like magic. They get their time outside. I get to bring in my packages and put things away and make lunch without Crazies underfoot. It's awesome!

When the kids were getting ready for bed tonight, I was laying on my stomach and Hailey was on the tops of my legs. She's obsessed with my tush lately (who wouldn't be?) and felt the need to repeatedly squish it tonight. Of course, Matt had to get in on the action and sat on my waist and decided to "ride the horsey" (a.k.a. slam himself on my body so hard that my pelvis fractures). Well, he lost his balance and slammed Hailey's head into the corner of the crib. She fell down onto the floor gripping her skull and in my haste to get up to help her, I knock Matt backward, inadvertently kicking him in the face with my flipflop...what a mess! She was fine...he was fine...we were all fine. Husband found the whole thing a little humorous until Matthew wouldn't calm down...gotta love overtired kids, right?

Hailey: Get off my stroller!!! I've told you 50,000,000 times to leave my stroller alone! NO! You CAN'T "fix" it with your legos!!!
Matt: What's her problem?

That's all for tonight...Glee and Lost are on now...later gators!