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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day...yeah, not so much...

I don't know what it is...I just don't get that into it.

It may be because I associate it with Al Gore (does that even make sense?) and I blame him for sending everyone into a panic over the whole Global Warming thing. I hate panics (everyone freaking out over something they have no control over anyway, so they invent things to do to make themselves feel more in control)...therefore leading me to hate Al Gore for Earth Day.

I'm not saying logic is my strongest suit.

So, other than test driving a Hummer, leaving our water running all day, and watching a few glaciers disappear, here is what we did today:

I swear...I didn't plant these seeds because it was Earth was just a coincidence. God, I'm so defensive...I wonder what Tree Hugger made me like this!

BTW...friends, if you want to enjoy my witty captions, please press the "captions" button at the bottom of the slide show. Isn't it cool that I made a slideshow...I'm very fancy!