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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday Morning Random Thoughts...early edition

  • Why am I awake? God, that was a weird dream! Why in the world would I be a rice farmer? Definitely playing too much Farmville!
  • God...he pees way too much at night. It always wakes me up! It's like Niagara Falls! Maybe I should get him those diapers...actually, it's been much better since I taught him how to pee more quietly. Go me!
  • What? A baby! Oh good...he's going back to sleep. Wait...why is Husband getting up? NO!!! HE'S NOT REALLY AWAKE!!! FALSE ALARM!!! Too late...he's gone. Hope this doesn't get worse.
  • Beep...beep...beep...shit, how the hell do I turn this alarm off?'s light out. Oh, that's right...Saturday alarm is later than regular days. Yay! Those extra 45 minutes really felt great...well, then, why can't I get my damn eyes open?
  • Going to spin? Or working on the yard? Check the's going to start raining at 1:00...skip spin, dig in the dirt.
  • Stumble into the bathroom avoiding all creaky floorboards only to think this: Geez...what happened to me overnight? I look horrible! Okay, stop looking and act...shower, makeup, hair...Oh I really have to blowdry my hair again? I'm so sick of it! Get it together, girl! There are some people who don't even have hair.
  • I could let it go curly today and look like all those other people out there who don't give a shit.
  • Yeah, but you do give a shit, so suck it up, be a woman, and blowdry your hair.
  • God, this is the longest shower that I've taken in a while and I'm not even shaving my legs...what the hell have I been doing?
  • For someone who's not that religious, I speak to God a lot...granted, it's mostly just to complain, but still.
  • Not doing foundation today...tinted moisturizer. I'm almost out of this shit...noooooo...worst.thing.possible (as they only sell it at Walmart).
  • I gotta get to the mall this weekend. I need to return those things to ATL and participate in their Friends and Family event. They're the only friends and family I'm going to see this weekend...haha.
  • When will I go? Husband is going to give me a hard time about can I make it benefit him too?
  • I'm not putting my sweatshirt on b/c I have to dry my hair and get all sweaty/nasty. However, I have to let the dog out...hopefully no one will be around (this makes no sense at all b/c I let the dog in the backyard...who is going to be out there?). At least I have this trusty sports bra...that covers my nipples. Now what can I do about this canyon that I now call a belly button (thanks kids)? Oh yeah...tie my sweatshirt around my waist...what a looker I am!
  • Talking to the dog...more like hissing actually: Shhhh...shut up! Shut the f**k up!!! OMG...I can't stand you sometimes...drop it, you're not taking your damn toy outside.
  • Ewwww...we need to wash the dog bowls.
  • Blowing hair dry...this boring. I wish I was one of those people who could just let my hair dry naturally, but I'm not...I look like a total freak when I do that.
  • Maybe I'll write a nice blog post to the kids on Mother's Day. After all, most of my posts about the kids are complaining and being sarcastic...yeah, that's what I'll do.
  • OMG...I can't believe I just burned my ear with my straightening iron! Who does that??? I suck at hair!
  • no one wake up for 15 minutes.
  • What? What is he doing up? Ugh! He's coming down the stairs...shit, shit shit, alone time is over...and he'll want to talk...ugh!
  • Hi honey!