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Monday, April 26, 2010

Snap Out Of It!

Sometimes Matthew doesn't want to take his bath.

He is enjoying his time playing.

The other night, he willingly crawled/walked up the stairs and realized that some (all) of the bedroom doors were open. He tried to spend time in every single room until Daddy shut all the doors...mean Daddy!

Let's get one thing straight...Daddy left all the doors open, so this whole thing is kinda sorta his fault.

At this point, Matthew started to melt down...completely melt down.

He's walking around our 2nd floor landing crying his little eyes out.

Husband is annoyed b/c he cannot handle crying/whining/whimpering of any sort.

I'm kind of laughing b/c that's what I do.

Hailey was in the bathroom watching Daddy start the bath (she likes to make sure all of my things are put away...ya know...because it's her tub, right?).

Matthew comes screeching (literally) around the corner to see what's going on in the bathroom. He's still crying and blubbering.

All of the sudden, it happened.

Hailey slapped him.

She slapped him right across the face.

He immediately stopped crying and went about his business as nothing had happened.

Husband and I couldn't believe our eyes.

She was like, "snap out of it, man!"

And he did!

We had to put her in time-out though b/c she did hit him. Physical violence results in an automatic time-out every single time.

However, if we didn't have to be consistent parents to be good parents, we totally would have skipped that time-out because it actually helped us! He stopped crying. The tantrum was over. No one would have been the wiser!

She's awesome.


She came over yesterday.

She was right on time.

She's cute, but not Hand That Rocks the Cradle cute.

She came upstairs with me to get the kids. Their room smelled like shit...literally...lovely. Way to break her in, Crazies!

The kids were instantly curious.

They didn't scream...good start.

Hailey actually allowed Babysitter to carry her down the stairs. There are times that she won't even allow ME to carry her down the stairs (always the Daddy's girl).

We chatted for a little while.

Husband and I went upstairs to get some crap done (yes, I put my freaking clothes away, okay? I completed the job that I hate the most b/c I have issues leftover from adolescence with putting my clothes away).

The kids played beautifully with her. They made her identify about 23,000 cars that passed by the front window before I came down to gently suggest that they play legos. I'd rather they didn't drive her into the nuthouse on her first visit.

She happily obliged.

The kids did not ONCE come to the stairs to find us. They weren't even interested in us at all.

For all they cared, Babysitter was their new Mommy.

I came downstairs to finish making dinner...the kids didn't follow. I was able to do it in record time and even got some of the dishwasher unloaded!

She's very conscientious. For a little bit, she didn't want to let them out of her sight and then she realized that if I was letting Matt run laps around the house, that she could too.

She's a band it.

She plays it.

She's a junior and drives (which means that I still have another year with her and I don't have to worry about transporting her to and from my house).

Babysitter's schedule fits right in with ours. She gets out of school at 2:35 and I need her by 3:15...beautiful!

I cannot tell you the feeling of freedom that I am experiencing. It's like there is this whole world out there that I haven't been able to explore in a long time. Babysitter will give me the flexibility to say "yes" to events that I would have otherwise turned down.

She may be able to work with us over the summer so that I can get all my tutoring done in one day...

Gee...I hope I still have friends left. Anyone want to go out to dinner? Anyone???

I go with my gut a lot. Husband thinks I'm crazy b/c his gut is just doesn't work. He trusts my judgment with this stuff though. She's a good girl...not perfect (who is?), but good. The kids love her. She likes the kids. She's nice. She seems reliable. I think she's The One.