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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Sagas of Peen and Vag - 1st Edition

We have a new obsession...and by "we" I don't mean me.

It's the Crazies...

They can't get enough information about the peen and the vag.

I kind of think it's hysterical.

Correction: I kind of thought it was hysterical...past tense.

I'm getting a little sick of saying, "that's a penis" "that's a vagina" "you have a penis" "hailey has a vagina" throughout every diaper

They point.

They gesture.

They ooooh and ahhhh.

It's like an amusement park down there, right?

They are completely obsessed with their private parts.

That and saying, PU when someone poops. Yes, I taught them that!

Anyway, that's how we spend a good amount of our days...identifying various body parts. Fun, huh?

Speaking of which, we tried a new snack...Pirate's Booty. I taught them how to say "booty." I think it's hysterical and can't wait to hear them say the following phrases:
Where's my booty?
I want booty!
Can I have more booty please?
Give me booty now!
Booty, booty, booty, booty...

Haha...I'm a sicko

This is a penis...this is a vagina...hold on...this doll doesn't have anything! What's a eunuch?

No! You will never get this on camera...this is my defensive stance! Am I intimidating? Hey! Why are you laughing???

Here's a question for all of you "boy Moms" out there...have you ever had any experience with a boy who hated to have his peen touched? We're talking cries and pulls himself away when we're trying to clean it and stuff. Trust me...we're not being dirty. Neither is he...he never touches it.

I know that's a little personal, but it's been my experience that most males can't keep their hands off their peens, right?

Maybe it's just the ones I've met...maybe it's not all guys. I just want Matt to have a good relationship with his peen. Any ideas?