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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Whole Lot of This In Our House Lately...

Mom, seriously, I have no idea how these raisins got on the idea whatsoever!

Okay, Mom, I may be holding the empty bowl, but I really don't know how everything ended up on the floor...did you ask Matt?

No worries...we'll both help clean it up...don't get so upset, Mommy! up and snacking at the same time...two stone...yum!

Hailey, that's gross...that's been on the floor...where we walk and drool!

What? I didn't take a bite of this rice cake...I'm throwing it in the garbage...I swear!

Hey Buddy...thanks for helping...thanks a lot!

Wait a second...are you drinking out of my sippy cup????? OMG...that's ridiculous! You made my snack fall on the floor again! Now I'm just stuck here with another empty bowl!!! You're driving me nuts, Matt!!!!

Give me my sippy!!!! NOW!!!

Mom, any chance you could stop snapping pictures and help a sista out? Seriously! I think you've made your point...we're cute, falsely innocent, troublesome, helpful, floor eaters, and now vicious fighters...I think the point is clear...we're TODDLERS!!! Now get my sippy back from Matt, please!