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Monday, May 3, 2010

And How Was Your Monday? Really long post about my day, a visit to the Crazies' school, grocery shopping, realizing I'm a Mom, and yadda yadda yadda

Ha...hand to God, I get out of the car at the grocery store this evening and wonder to myself, "God, it's still Monday, right?''

That's what kind of day it's been.

There was a Special Weather Alert this morning for rain...not just any rain...crazy rain.


Have you ever heard the National Weather Service use that term? I haven't either!

So, I sit at the computer debating whether or not to actually even go to Kindermusik. It has rained at least 4/5 sucks (mainly b/c I need Monday hair to last all day and not get frizzy)! That, and the kids get wet...blah.

I get the kids out of bed, diapers, breakfast, videos, change clothes, diapers, car, snacks, and off to Kindermusik.

It wasn't as torturous today...probably b/c the alternative (being stuck in the house with the Crazies was not attractive to me today).

Finish Kindermusik, clean hands, snack, call guy to haul crap out of our backyard, get yelled at by Hailey b/c I won't give her a piece of my candy bar...on the road again. Halfway through our trip, Hailey starts freaking out and grabbing her back. I didn't know what was wrong with her. I get off the highway at our normal exit and pull over. She had gotten her sippy stuck behind her back...I kindly get it for her and make sure that she has both of them. She "tanks" me and boldly throws them back on the floor as soon as I make my way to the driver's side.

"Tanks" to you...Little One.

She's asleep by the time we get home.

Home, watch kids freak out b/c we can't play outside, curse "pounding rains," throw them in the basement to play, lunch, play, naps.

Babysitter came over early so that I could tutor an extra hour...the fun never ends.

Tutor for 2.5 hours, worry that I didn't give Babysitter enough instructions (it's only her second time), try to remember what I had for lunch, realized I forgot to eat lunch again (except for a few spoonfuls of mac & cheese that I managed to wolf down...Food Pyramid be damned). Tutor, tutor, tutor, and done.

Call Husband on the way home. Have some completely and randomly annoying conversation about grocery shopping even though all I want to hear about was his first day at his new job. Blah...

Go home for 3.7 seconds and head out to meeting for Crazies' school. Oh God...I'm a Mom and I'm going to have to talk to all of these other people eventually...and pretend to care about what they're saying. Vomit in my mouth for a little bit.

Get blown off by some girl that I should have ignored in the first place b/c I don't really like her that much to begin with.

Get "prayed in" by the pastor at the church...Husband said it was good for me...that I need prayer. Response? F.U.

Sit through meeting with information that I'll probably hear five more times before the school year even starts. Then I'll receive notices about the same shit b/c some idiot won't pay attention, will break the rules, and will cause the need for an annoying notice to be sent home.

Go to the 2's's cute. It makes me feel very tall. I eavesdrop near the teacher and listen to everyone else ask questions. I don't find many of them very useful. Is that because I'm a teacher?

Make some new friends...they seem okay...pretty normal.

Trying to leave...gotta go grocery shopping (yuck) and collect my sushi (the only thing keeping me going). The teacher is at the door. I feel like I'm leaving too early...oh well...someday she won't be able to get rid of me!

Wait for uncomfortable amount of time when someone drops the bomb question:


I'm sorry...I'm just not that into cloth diapers. If you use them, I give you tons of credit, but I'm just too fucking lazy...and you should be too.

Anyway, I start talking to this other chick about our Carbon Footprint and the fact that I'm pretty proud of the one that I'm creating and that I practically missed Earth Day...yadda, yadda, yadda...made my way out.

Groceries...I get to the grocery store and I'm totally annoyed that I have heard back from the hauler guy for the crap in my yard. I start formulating my voicemail:

Hi, Mike. This is Rebecca. I left you a message around 11:00 on's still Monday! It's seriously still Monday! I'm a loser!!!

Walk into grocery store...notice that people are looking at my boobs...why? They don't really look that good today, but hey, I'll take it where I can get it. Check out...$75 for a quick stop? This sucks!

Get to the car, load my shit in, and go to close the gate when I feel something on my chest...yes, I had worn the freaking nametag from the preschool meeting into (and all around) the grocery store. Awesome.

So, how was your Monday?

Makes My Monday...

It makes my Monday when being around my kids makes other people as happy as it makes me.

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