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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday's Wandom Porky Pig (apparently)

It's supposed to be "rants," but that doesn't really come through...oh well...FAIL!

  • Every time we pass a certain area on our treks, Hailey has started saying, "naaaayyyy." I couldn't figure out why, but then I realized that there are horses really far off the road. Somehow she picked up on them, knew what they were, and recalled their sound. Wow.
  • I got a timer for time-out. It's set for a minute and a half. If you don't get to it within 10 seconds (because who would leave their child sitting in time-out longer than they had to, right?), it starts beeping faster. Poor Matthew is going to hyperventilate b/c he likes to whine every time he hears it beep (because he thinks I'm ignoring him...I have no idea where he could have gotten that idea) and when it starts beeping faster, he gets all confused and dizzy. Poor kid...
  • Swimming starts this Saturday. I think it will be fun for the kids. Hailey will wear her little red suit with the seahorses (and ruffles on the tush) and Matt will wear his turtle trunks. I got Hailey the most adorable little white terry cloth cover up too...she probably won't need that since it's an indoor pool, but whatev. I happily purchased a pop tent for my ass and started landscaping...good times.
  • Things with Babysitter have been going very well. She's pretty laid back, so she adjusts easily to schedule changes and me ranting as I walk out the door. Husband said that when he gets home, she's always on the floor playing with the kids. Today she was even putting their shoes on to go outside...what a trooper! I'm so happy she's not sitting on the couch, texting her stupid friends, and watching TV. We got really lucky with this one.
  • Thanks for the interesting comments on my Marriage post yesterday. I love to start conversations or trains of thought. Husband and I talked (novel concept) about what was bothering each of us (things that we didn't even realize had happened) and things are going to be fine. It was just something that I had to get out. Something that I know everyone deals with on some level...whether it's them, their friend, their sister, a future spouse, whatever...everyone deals with it at some point.
  • I'm mad at Oprah. I never watched that know the one...that everyone was talking about...about cell phones?'s still on my DVR. Even without watching it, I was scared/guilted into decreasing the use of my phone while driving. Bad news though, Ms. Winfrey. The occurrences of my road rage have greatly increased. People are such morons. I'm pretty sure that when I was on the phone, I was oblivious to all of this stupidity, but no more. I'm on a mission now to show every idiot just how mindless they really are. in the car phoneless may not be our best option.
  • I had no idea Mother's Day was this weekend...
  • I love/am totally embarrassed by random family fights that occur in the public forum of FB. I am especially entertained when it doesn't involve me, but that there's a good chance the photos I posted started it all...
  • Dear Blog Friends, if you're going to participate in something called "Wordless Wednesday," please stop writing words all over you post...let your pictures do the talking! That's why I don't participate...I can barely keep my mouth closed during a funeral much less a blog post (nice comparison, huh?)!
  • I have no idea why I wanted to use this title, but it is still cracking me up...after all this time!