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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day 2010 - Dear Matthew,

To my happy little boy,

Where do I begin? I love you so much. You are such a bright light in my world and I'm sure as I continue to watch you grow, you will continue to surprise me with your love of making people happy. I am going to try to write you a letter on every Mother's Day expressing my feelings for you and recapping what is going on in your life.

  • You love to "fix" things and figure out how things work. Every time Daddy gets started on a project, you're right in there. You're very good at it too!

  • You love to vacuum.
  • There are so many times that you have woken up from your nap to find Hailey still sleeping. You quietly sit in your crib and play with Louie until she wakes up. You're a very considerate young man.
  • When we're outside, you want to explore every part of the yard. You also love to play with the broom...on the grass.
  • You have the best laugh.
  • When you make a mistake and hit Hailey, you are very sweet about apologizing to her. You always go over and try to give her a kiss.
  • Trucks are your passion.
  • You dance like a caveman. One leg on the ground and then the other...that's other movement. Unless you start shaking your head like a heavy metal band...that's always a little dangerous though!
  • Independent doesn't even start to describe makes me proud.
  • You love to read...
  • You are so into buckling your own car seat. You get so frustrated because I try to do the difficult part...I just don't want you pinching your fingers!
  • When you eat something that you really like, you use both of your hands to shove the food into your mouth. It's awesome...pure unadulterated excitement for your food.
  • When I bring you to the Kids Zone at the gym, they are always so happy to see you. They try to get you to play with the other kids, but you inevitably "guard" the door until I return.
  • When we go to the supermarket, you always ask for PAID stickers and you need one for each hand. You won't take them off when you wash your hands for lunch, but as soon as you get in the highchair, you want them off. The problem is that now the stickiness has transferred to your hands and you totally freak out. I wonder if you think it's your skin, but it's not...let me help you!
  • You are very cuddly. You love to hug our legs and give kisses in the morning (even if I have to ask for it sometimes).
  • Everything Hailey has, you want. I think this is b/c you want to spend more time with her, but I'm not too sure. I'm's everything. She does not handle it well, but you are not easily deterred. You know what you want and you won't take no for an answer. Hopefully you'll figure out which toys are "off limits" according to Hailey. Sometimes I get afraid for your safety with her wild screams!
  • Sometimes you and Hailey play very nicely together. I can honestly say that those "too quiet" moments (you know the ones...where you wonder what the heck your kids are up to) have more often than not resulted in moments like the one pictured below. See? You're not enemies all the time!
  • You love to get attention from strangers, but the minute they give it to you, you play shy! What's up with that?
You make me laugh every single day and I just couldn't love you more. Happy Mother's Day, Matt!

Love, Mommy

Mother's Day 2010 - Dear Hailey,

To my sweet little Hailey,

I am writing this letter to you as the start of a tradition. I hope to be able to write you a letter every Mother's Day expressing my feelings about our relationship. As you get older, our relationship will change, but know this...I will always love matter what.

You are doing so much right now. You are almost 21 months old and are a really good baby...most of the time. You make Daddy and Mommy laugh all the time because you do things that are totally unexpected. For example, when Daddy tells you not to do something and you raise your eyebrow (yes, just one) in response, it's like you're saying, "Dad, you can't be serious." You can't be saying that though because you're much too young!

  • You love to yell "neigh" at the horses on our ride to Kindermusik.
  • You are an awesome dancer and you're getting pretty good at lip syncing too. Look out Simon Co.well...I have the next American Idol!
  • You absolutely love to read and to be read to.
  • Your favorite book right now is "Treasured Tales." It's a compilation of fairy tales. You only look at the pictures right now and you're much too impatient to sit through one of the stories. You also carry it around like it's your most prized possession...right after your precious stroller.
  • This stroller has caused a lot of strife between you and your brother, but that's okay. A girl's gotta protect her baby, right?
  • When you play outside, you could sit in your Cozy Coupe all day long and beep the's really cute. You also love the slide and taught yourself how to climb up and go down the I was trying to stop your brother from running into our very busy street.
  • You will not eat most veggies and are resistant to fruits as well. I wish you would try more, but you cover your entire face and resemble a teenager trying to avoid going to the mall with your parents...that's when I get a glimpse of what's to come! I have tried to grate carrots and zucchini into red sauce and you refuse it. I have mixed peas with mac and cheese and you pick the peas out like you're a Quality Control Worker! There may be no fooling you...gotta get back on my Deceptively Delic.ious bandwagon.
  • When you cry, but the tears aren't coming fast enough to get any sympathy, you run your hands down your face...just to show us that's where they'll be in a few seconds.
  • You love to sleep in your jammies with the tutu.
  • You love your pink Phillies hat.
  • You love your shoes and skirts too.
  • You say "hi" and "bye" like a cowgirl from comes out like "haaaaaiiii" with a cruise ship director's wave from the docks of Miami. It's hysterical!
  • You absolutely love it when I give you lots and lots of laugh like crazy.
I am so lucky to have you in my life and I love watching you grow every single day. Happy Mother's Day to you.

Love, Mommy