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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Getting to Know You...

The questions..
1. What has been your most memorable Mother's Day? (with your mom, as a mom, or with your wife) I can honestly say that I can barely remember last Mother's Day (which just so happened to be my first with the twins). I know that I got a beautiful necklace with the kids' names on it. I cannot remember what we did though and refuse to go back to last year's post. That's just the chicken way out. My favorite Mother's Day with my mother? God, I don't know about that one either. I can only hope that she realized that we tried to make every one special for her. We didn't really have anyone to take us shopping for her, so I'm afraid that she had to settle for some very subpar presents from our elementary school store...poor Mommy! I just hope she knows how loved she was even if we weren't able to do very much. I'm working on a present for her, but of course, it will be late...I suck.

2. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding and were you able to talk your way out of it? I have totally been pulled over for speeding. See this post and this one too...I can't believe I didn't even try to get out of it!!! I also got stopped on the Long Island Expressway right after college for going 90 mph...didn't get the ticket though b/c the cop wrote the wrong date on the ticket. It sucks that everything is computerized room for human error!

3. What's the oldest thing you have hanging in your closet?
Hmmmm...okay, the kids are napping, so I'm not going up there to find out. I'd have to vote some old sweatshirts or something. I still have an old Alpha Sigma Tau t-shirt from my sorority it.

4. Do you whiten your teeth? Not anymore! I used to and if I could find the time, I might still do it.
Luckily, my teeth are pretty white on their dentist even thought I whitened them!

5. Underwear or Panties..What do you call your "unmentionables"?
Undies...panties...drawers...whatever mood strikes me!

6. If you could go on vacation right would you go?
Hawaii...hands down!

7. Do you get offended when people cuss on their blogs?
Ummm...nope...I have kind of a potty mouth myself. I'm sure that people probably get offended by me...or find me amusing...whatev. I am who I am!

8. If you had to give up one luxury item, it would be....? Luxury item? Could we be a little more specific? Nope, that necessary to survival. Sushi? Nah...I need my Omega-3. Nail polish? Maybe I'd give up nail polish, but only on my fingers...pedicures are essential too! What else is a luxury item in my house? Ooooh! I got it! I would give up my house cleaning service that comes once a month. Yes, I love them to death, but if I had to give up anything, it would be that.

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Who is My Mommy?

I have a mother.

I love her a lot.

There was a time that I took her for granted.

I'm glad I don't do that anymore.

So, "who is she" you are some of the best parts of my Mommy.

She's kind of a goofball!

She loves her Girls' Weekends!

She has four sisters...all younger...and a brother who passed away when he was very young. They all grew up on a farm and worked very hard. They were well known in their particular region of New York for their eyes...everyone knew the "M" sisters.

She will discuss the variations of milk with you for hours...without rolling her eyes.

She will put you in a plastic bin for no reason and push you around...simply because it makes you happy.

She has a son...that she loves very much.

She loves to get dressed up with her girls...always up for a party!

She loves Disney...loves it.

She will go on long walks...just to have a quick chat.

She will read you books even if it doesn't seem like you're paying attention.

She will hold two kids on her lap without question even if her daughter is chronically worried about her getting hurt.

She had a great time on this particular day...we all did.

She looked radiant at my wedding.

Even if it broke her heart a little bit to be losing her little girl...

Mommy...I love you so much and I hope you have a happy Mother's Day with this little tribute. Without you, I wouldn't be the woman I am today.

Now, stop crying and call me!!!