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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My Own Personal Mute Buttons

I read this book when the babies were little tiny little baby babies...does that even make sense?

That was pretty much about the time that I thought I would die of uselessness.

Before I realized that my teats weren't doing their job and I was literally starving my children (unknowingly, of course).

I didn't know what to do.

What I did know was that I wasn't going to use those binks for longer that I needed to...I was thinking 3 months and they were gone.

What an ass I was...

That book said that they called pacifiers "dummies" in the UK b/c it basically shut the kids up and didn't allow him/her to express themselves.

Well, you know what? No kid needs to express themselves at 3:45 AM...

Anyway, I must have totally missed that 3 month mark b/c that deadline would have been 18 months ago and no good mother would miss a deadline by that long, would they???

I love binks.

I seriously love them.

I don't overuse them...just naps and bedtime (seriously...that's all it's ever been...I can't stand to see kids with binks in the middle of the day...but that's just me).

What am I going to do when I am forced to get rid of them?

One might ask, "What prompted this post?"

At 6:41 this morning, Matt started making noise...whiny "I'm-not-ready-to-be-awake-yet-but-I-am-so-come-help-me" noise. You know the kind.

If you've read my blog for a while, you know I don't get my kids out of bed any time before 7:00.

Then the debate started...if I go up, he might see me, want to be with me (who wouldn't? I'm such a peach early in the morning), and get more upset when I leave, but if I don't, he might wake Hailey up and she likes to sleep later. Should I? Shouldn't I?

At this point, I just wanted Husband to tell me what to do...instead he was lamenting about his jacket being in his backpack still and possibly being wrinkled...WTF? Dude! I need help here! I don't know what to do and haven't had a drop of coffee yet, so I'm completely incapable of making proper decisions! HELP MEEEEE!!!!

I went up...gave him his bink...exited the room in stealth mode (except for that stupid stuffed toy with the bell in it that was strategically placed right next to the door...eff you, toy).

He promptly fell back to sleep on top of his pillow.

Now I have time to write a blog post...not only that, but this little incident actually broke my blog-block.

What am I going to do what we have to get rid of them?

They are my Sleep Savior?

I'm going to be all teary and tantrum-y when we have to get rid of them...just like a little kid.

It will probably be a tougher adjustment for me than the Crazies.

Maybe I'll have Husband do it.

Super Nanny has the kids get all excited about giving their binks away to the Binky Fairy so that all the new babies can use them (ahem...not exactly sanitary, Jojo). Cute idea, but I'm smarter than that.

I'll know that the binks didn't go to new babies...I'll know it in my heart.

Every time a Crazy cries out in the night...I'll know it...I'll miss my binky...I'll have tremors b/c I won't be able to just go in and easily "mute" my kids...

They are my own personal mute button and I dread the day that is inevitably coming...

Is there anything that you do/say/allow that acts as your own personal mute button (come you give extra snacks to get the kids to stay quiet in the store)? This could be with your kids, husband, boss, in-laws? Whatever!!! Share!