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Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Swimmers (by Matt and Hailey)

Mommy? Why are they laughing about our title? Is there another meaning for "little swimmers" that we're not aware of?

Oh well...crazy adults.

We started swim classes!!!!

Hailey: I had so much fun...I kept yelling "wheeeeeee!!!"
Matt: Yeah, I was a little more nervous, so there was no yelling going on here. All I wanted to do was hold on to Daddy and never let go.
Hailey: Yeah, but the water was so warm and they sang songs with us. It was wonderful.
Matt: There was so much water though and everything echoed...I think I just need a little time.
Hailey: Well, you can watch me if you want to know how to have fun.
Matt: Hmmm...why didn't Mommy take any pictures of us in the pool? She takes pictures at every other event of our lives.
Hailey: You can't bring a camera into the pool...if she could, I'm sure she would have. That lady has passion!
Matt: Well, if it was between taking pictures and holding our little heads above water, I'm glad she chose Door #2!
Hailey: Me too, but I don't think I needed her that much. I'm pretty sure I could swim on my own.
Matt: You're pretty cocky for a girl who didn't even like putting her bathing suit on.
Hailey: You're pretty chicken for a boy who was practicing his diving in the living room.
Matt: You got me...I guess it's always different when you're in the moment, huh?
Hailey: That's, I love my bathing suit now. I never want to take it off.
Matt: Good luck with that.

Here are some pictures that Mommy took at home:

Mom, I'm not so sure about this...sure, my suit is cute, but is this all that I'm going to wear?

How's my form? Do you think there will be a lot of splash? I've heard that a lot of splash is not a great dive...I don't want a lot of splash.

Okay, if he's that ready, I think I can do this.

LET'S DO THIS!!!! I'm pumped!