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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday Shorts

These are just little things collected through the week that don't really deserve their own post, but definitely deserve honorable mention:

  • Hailey got something in her eye at breakfast. She was rubbing and I checked it out...couldn't find anything. To distract her from rubbing her lovely eyelashes off, I told her to take a drink of milk. She put the sippy to her eye and tried to giver her eye a drink. Seriously? Too cute!

  • We got Husband a running watch (seriously looks like you could pull off some MacGyver level shit with this ain't your Daddy's Casio) for Father's Day...yes, it's early, but his race is the day before Father's Day. I'm in bed getting ready to pass out for the night. It's after 10:30. All of the sudden...beep, beep, beep, beep, beepity beep beep...for a good 5 minutes. Finally, I asked Husband if he was playing Pong (b/c that's exactly what it sounded like) and he said that he was trying to figure out how to turn off all of the alerts. Apparently it came default with all of the alarms set...who does that?

  • There was one day this week where Dog was just drooling all day long. It was gross. We kept stepping in little drool puddles. The kids thought it was hysterical. I spent the entire day slightly nauseous.

  • We had our first PlayDoh lunch. First Matt...then Hailey...with the same PlayDoh. What was I thinking? Hmmm...I was thinking that if they didn't eat it in the first 5 times I gave it to them, that they might continue that trend...screwed again by thinking logically!!! The thing that kills me is that they might have enjoyed it more than they enjoyed my lunch!
  • Hailey is doing this new thing lately. When she doesn't want you to notice her or when she doesn't want to talk to you, she freezes and avoids all eye contact. I think that she believes she's invisible. It's quite funny and she can hold a pose for longer than I thought! She did it with PopPop one time, with our Kindermusik instructor, and countless strangers...those strangers probably just think she's a weirdo kid, but people she knows? What's that about?

  • Wednesday Morning - kids up and making breakfast...there is one egg left and one waffle...who do you think had cereal with milk? That's right...Mommy! I hate cereal!!! Clearly even though the Crazies were fed the "better" breakfast, they still needed numerous bites of mine...of course!

  • I was watching Cou.gar Town this week...I have a message for Courtney Cox...ENOUGH WITH THE SKINNY JEANS!!!!! YOU'RE MAKING ME SICK!!!!! ENOUGH!!!
  • Lost? Soooo not into this week's episode! I'm kind of over it, but I think I can stick around for the 3.5 hours left in the series.

  • I am petrified of potty training...the kids are semi-interested in the potty. Okay, well, Matt just wants to flush and Hailey actually asks to sit on it every.single.night...right when she's supposed to get in the bath. She sits on it, nothing happens, we put her in the bath, and then she pees in there. Something I couldn't get out of my head while I was taking my own bath that night! I'm bathing in peepee...lovely.
  • Shhhh...I have a secret. One day this week, I didn't do what I was "supposed" to do. I totally flaked and did what I wanted to was lovely. It was no less difficult that what I was supposed to do, but I just had to do it. I wanted to do there! I was happy...the kids were was outside...that's all I'm saying. Only one other person in the world knows what I wanted to do and that was just b/c I wanted said person to screw off and do what I wanted to do. I needed a partner in crime. Ha...enough said!
Hope your weekend is great and fun and relaxing!!!! I know mine won't be!