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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Nervous Talkers (continued)

I wrote this post and continued my research...look what I found at this site!

Child's Age

Mastered Skills (most kids can do)

Emerging Skills (half of kids can do)

Advanced Skills (a few kids can do)
19 months • Uses a spoon and fork
• Runs
Throws a ball underhand
• Enjoys helping around the house
• Understands as many as 200 words
• Recognizes when something is wrong (e.g., calling a dog a cat)
Washes and dries own hands with help
• Points to picture or object when you call it by name
• May know when she needs to pee
20 months Feeds doll
Takes off own clothes
• Dumps an object in imitation, such as throwing garbage away
Learns words at a rate of ten or more a day
• Can walk up stairs (but probably not down)
• May start exploring genitals
Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts
21 months • Can walk up stairs
• Able to set simple goals (e.g., deciding to put a toy in a certain place)
Throws a ball overhand
Kicks ball forward
• Stacks six blocks
• Names simple picture in a book
• Can walk down stairs
22 months Kicks ball forward
• Follows two-step requests (e.g., "Get your doll and bring it here")
• Does simple puzzles
Draws a straight line
• Names several body parts
Puts on loose-fitting clothes
• Might be ready for a big bed
• Understands opposites (e.g., tall vs. short)
23 months • Names simple picture in a book
• Uses 50 to 70 words
• Opens doors
Sings simple tunes
• Takes more of an interest in playing with other kids
• Talks about self (likes, dislikes)
• Asks "why?"
24 months • Names at least six body parts
• Half of speech is understandable
• Makes two- to three-word sentences
• Talks about self
• Arranges things in categories
• Can walk down stairs
• Begins to understand abstract concepts (e.g., sooner and later)
• Becomes attuned to gender differences
• Learns to jump

Wow...I know that this isn't set in stone, but it's a handy little reference, no?

Seriously though...I can barely take my own clothes off without falling down! Drawing a straight line? Nope, can't really do that either!

Wait, this isn't about me, it's about the Crazies. They can do some of this stuff, not all. They are ahead on certain things and behind on others.

Lightbulb! Ready for this? It's because everything that I read is an's not the norm and my kids aren't abnormal for not being's an average! Oh, I get it now.

I went to get the Crazies from the Kids' Zone at the gym yesterday and the women asked me if they have their own little language. Apparently they were chattering away with another child and this child started signing "more." At least, it was the sign that we have used for "more." The weird thing was they could all understand each other (this is according to the wonderful women who watch the Crazies and many other people's Crazies as we work out...they are angels). They were really amazed because the third child has deaf parents and is not vocal at all. This child was fully engaged with my kids and wanted more...he was signing more...they were amazed...they had never seen him so engaged in a "conversation" between other children. So, that made me feel like I wasn't crazy. Something was happening. Also, I have noticed more of this secret twin language going on in my house just in the past week.

Then I wrote the list...Matt has 28 words that I heard yesterday and Hailey has 26.

Not too shabby.

My gut tells me they're fine, but I sent the email to my speech pathologist friend anyway. Can't hurt, right?

Then I made Husband read yesterday's post (just so he can see how crazy he makes me) and had to listen to how long my blog posts are (blah, blah, blah) and how I shouldn't listen to him (thanks a lot Mr.-Partner-in-Life-and-Father-to-my-Children). He was also a little hurt at my joke about him barely knowing 50 was a joke Mr. Sensitive!!!

All in all, I feel better. I so appreciate all of your comments and tried to email back those of you who have your email addresses linked to your profile. Any tips and tools would definitely help me out. Other than that, I'm just going to sit back and wait for the next thing to drive me nuts!

Oh, and I'll make any blog posts for the rest of the week shorter (in case any of you had the same complaint as Husband).

Nervous Talkers???

Okay, I'll admit it...I may be the one who is nervous about talking.

It doesn't seem to bother the Crazies in the least.

I'm more nervous about Hailey than I am about Matthew, but what else is new? Ever since she was a tiny little infant, I've been more worried about her.

Here's the deal...both kids are great with receptive language. If I tell them to go into another room and get the blue ball, they come back with the blue ball. If I give them multi-step instructions, they can follow. Examples:
  • "Take your jacket off and then sit down so Mommy can take off your shoes."
  • "Put the baby in the stroller and then put the stroller away.
  • "Go get some books and sit down on the couch so we can read."
  • "Put the blocks in the wagon and then go to the sink so we can wash your hands."
Get the picture?

Seriously...sometimes Husband can't even follow instructions that complex!

So, why aren't they talking?

Matthew says several words: Dada, Mama, Hailey (hayeee), ball, moo, neigh, woof, up, down, out, keys, GiGi, PopPop, cookie, I did that, what's that?, I'm sure there are more...gotta make a list.
Hailey says fewer: Dada, Mama, Matt (when prompted), ball, neigh, moo, what's that?, that might be it - YIKES!!!

I'm nervous b/c when I read about what kids between 18-24 months should be doing, they are not really there, ya know?

Here's where I'm getting my info:

19 to 24 months
Your child now understands as many as 200 words, though he'll probably use only 50 to 75 of them regularly. Many of these words will be nouns that designate objects in his daily life, such as "spoon" and "car." Between 18 and 20 months, his pace will pick up as he acquires ten or more new words each day. If he's especially focused on learning to talk, he can add a new word to his vocabulary every 90 minutes — so watch your language!

During this phase your child may begin stringing two words together, making basic sentences such as "Carry me." Since his grammar skills are still undeveloped, you'll often hear odd constructions such as "Me go." He's understood for some time that he needs language, and he'll attempt to name new objects as he observes the world around him. He may overextend the words he already knows, though, so that all new animals are called "dogs," for example.

Starting around his second birthday, your child will begin using three-word sentences and singing simple tunes. As his sense of self matures, he'll use "me" to refer to himself, and he's likely to tell you what he likes and doesn't, what he thinks, and what he feels. You may hear him say, "David want juice" or "Baby throw," for instance. (Pronouns are tricky, so you may catch him avoiding them.)

So, would you call a speech pathologist?

I had an email drafted to a friend of mine from school...a speech pathologist and I deleted it b/c I sounded like an idiot. This is what I thought I sounded like:

" kids don't"

I need to make some concrete lists throughout the day of what they can say, what they are trying to say, and what they need to say. That is my mission today...

All of this may or may not have been spurred by Husband...he had a "bad night" last night and was complaining about Hailey's grunting. She is grunting to get everything and, I'll agree with him, it is totally annoying. She's not even trying to say most of the words. He's at the end of his rope...I'm still all "well, all kids develop differently."

Is it because they're twins?

She does babble...a lot. Here is a cute video of her babbling.

Okay...maybe she's not following directions at the end (I swear...she usually does), but there is a cute little dance involved.

Is she more quiet b/c Matt is so much more vocal? Am I not giving her enough one-on-one attention? Am I giving in too soon and giving her the word rather than letting her find it on her own?

They carry on little babbling conversations and are able to communicate with each other.

Are they secretly trying to drive me crazy at an early age so I'm totally wiped out by their teenage years???

BTW...if I am having a ridiculous fit of nervousness b/c Husband had a "bad night," I'm going to kill him...why does he do this to me? After complaining about Hailey's grunting, he did say, "ignore me...I'm tired and grumpy." What kind of disclaimer is that??? It's like saying, "I'm going to totally freak you out about our child's development, but don't worry about's just's not her."