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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hi, My Name is Rebecca, and I am a Gleek


Anyway, wouldn't you be just knowing that this is what lies under that preppy teacher attire? Seriously???

Ahhhh...I love that show.

Not just because I'm a recovering band geek...because it's really good.

Possibly because I can't help but be addicted to teenage drama...hence why I love teaching middle school.

No, it's definitely for the music...and the dancing (which I could NEVER pull off)...and what lies beneath the sweater vests...haha!

Enjoy the show ladies...I'm not typically one for "OMG he's so hot" behavior, but come on...just this once???

I'm Rebecca and I've been without Glee for 5 hours and 45 minutes...

Pictures Today Because I Want To...

You mean to tell me that you actually want me to use my spoon to eat??? Why can't I just eat directly from the bowl? The spoon seems like such a technicality!

Dancing at lunch...doesn't she just look like she's so much fun to hang out with? Well, she is!

Me too!!! Me too!!! I'm fun to hang out with too, right? Definitely, kid!

Mom, has America's Got Talent called yet? Any day now...any day...

Seriously Husband...please stop acting like we have a garbage disposal b/c we don't and I hate touching swollen raisins from your cereal totally grosses me out! Yes, I really put this sign in the sink...yes, he laughed at it when he got home from the gym...yes, it was still there this morning...sopping wet b/c even though raisins aren't allowed, apparently it's still okay to use the sink when there's paper in it.

This is Hailey's new "I'll think about it" look. She'll give it when you ask her to eat fruit, if she has pooped, if she wants to take her shoes off, or if you tell her that it's time to take her will be immediately followed by a curt "no."