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Friday, May 21, 2010

Little Noises

Lately when the Crazies wake up in the morning, they stay in bed and make these little noises.

I adore these little noises.

I can hear Matt trying to wake Hailey up (she would be a late sleeper if given the choice).

I can hear Hailey blowing him kisses...MWAH!

I hear them "talking" to Louie and Lala...their Loveys.

Matt is always referring to Louie as "broke" because the string that makes up his nose is coming loose.

Hailey cannot get over Lala's little pink bow...touches it and then collapses on top of Lala in a fit of hugs.

Occasionally, when a bus or a truck goes by the house, they get really loud and excited and spend a few extra minutes discussing that.

There is singing too...

They used to cry when they first woke up.

Now they can stay up there for close to an hour before getting completely annoyed that Mama hasn't come to get them to release them from their cribs.

It's just that Mama loves these little noises.

What are some of your favorite or no kids?

Because let's face it...not all good noises happen from kids...what about the birds that converse in the morning? What about the water running through your pipes? What about the UPS truck pulling up at your house with your new G.ap sandals? What about silence?