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Saturday, June 5, 2010

I Never Liked Being Outdoors...

Until the Crazies took over my life!

Lots of big steps around here...

Lots of little dainty bracelet wearing steps too...obsessed with the bracelet!

Mommy has been seeing a lot of the back of heads lately...much too busy to stop and chat, much less pose for a picture.

We do eat together...outside...of course...notice the bracelet on the table...along with her cell phone. It's already starting!!!

This kid just loves it out there...never ever wants to come in. He's truly happiest outdoors!

This kid loves her leisurely lunches...doesn't mind sitting in the big kid chair for a looooong time while she picks away at her lunch. (Notice other kid sweeping up...earning his keep)

We got some new them!

The deck has been powerwashed, spruced up, and's my favorite part of the house now. If only we could get the umbrella to stop spinning around!

We even have a clean up crew.

I never liked being outdoors...
until I had two little people to show me how amazing it could be.